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4 Reviews for (Tein Super Street with Pillowball Upper MountsCoilovers)

Overall Rating (9.8 of 10)
Tein Super Street with Pillowball Upper Mounts Coilovers

Tein  Tein Super Street with Pillowball Upper Mounts Coilovers  

Overall Rating (9.8 of 10) - 4 Reviews  Write Review

10George121897Celica"my first set lasted me over 10 years, and after changing out the old set it reminded me why i stuck with this product.."
10richard97011Altima"Horsepowerfreaks did great fast shipping no problems at all. TEIN did great!! ,every person who's rode in my car says it's the most comfortable ride.The only thing is now i want my car lower than it can go. :) Thank you Horsepowerfreaks."
990JDMTEGIntegra"I replaced a set of KSport KontrolPro coilovers with the Teins I purchased. The KSports were a bit harsh for the least the spring was a bit too stiff. In their efense I have got my 1990 TEG down to 2000 Lbs. with a full tank of gas. I have to correct EVERYONE on the following term: the term for controlling the reboundand copression in a coilover is DAMPED or DAMPING. The term is quite diferent from dampened or dampening which is too make something wet. So, the KSports have 30 some odd damping adjustments. I had mine on max from day one and they were lacking to say the least. The Tein are on the recommended setting and have remained there since I installed them. They are EXCELLENT street coilovers. I imagine that a track day would be handled with a click or two...which the Teins have six too spare. Instalation instructions were easy to follow. While ride height is a function of spring pre-load, it works out very well and my car sat perfectly when I followed the suggested factory measurements. Why didn't I give them a 10? Who in the heck is picking out coilover colors? Green? Orange? Black would be just fine. I would suggest getting the pilow ball top mounts as I did not and wish I had. Thanks HPF! DAMPED DANGIT DAMPED!!!"
10MatthewTiburon"These tein coilovers are unbeleivable, i can't really compare them to anything but before i made my purchase i did alot of research to find out what would be the best and hands down these where number one. Easy to install with simple hand tools(no power or air tool needed). Smooth ride with out all the bouncing and adjustment is super easy. "