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31 Reviews for (Tein S TechSprings)

Overall Rating (9.1 of 10)
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Tein  Tein S Tech Springs  

Overall Rating (9.1 of 10) - 31 Reviews  Write Review

10JLane94G20"i loved these springs my handling A LOT, it made the car look a lot better my lowering i would definitely recommend this brand of springs"
10backpacksaddlerCivic"These springs are awesome they actually tucked my front wheels a little which was surprising. Havent done the back yet but the install was super easy and took about and hour and a half for just the front. Overall great product. Thanks HPF"
9richard121893325i"I springs went in fast and easy. And the ride height was just what I wanted. "
3Oscar110359Integra"This S-Tech springs was a direct fit, install went well like expected over the oem shocks, my car did handle well, less body roll and less squating when accelerating or braking. but after a month or so after settling in, it felt like I had no suspension, ride was super stiff and I mean it was really bad especially with passengers. Plus my car would scrap on anything. It was bad enough that I even removed off my car and replaced with the H-tech hoping for better. This would be ok for a track or real race car but as for a casual every day driver these are not for u. I promise"
10Clinton886816"These springs were very easy to install and their performance is exceptional. On my Mazda 6I Sport, they ride almost like the stock feel with a little less body roll and a lot less squat. The car sits level yet it is about 2 inches lower than stock. I liked how the instructions that came with the springs clearly explained how much to cut your bump stops according to the model springs you purchased and the model car you are installing them on. I personally installed these springs on my Mazda 6 in 4 hours.Based on price, performance, and quality,I would purchase these springs again. Thanks HPF"
8Kurt84168RX-7"I have a 91 RX-7 N/A with 17x7 wheels all around. Sits lower than before. Rear is still fairly high, but definitely noticeable and worth it! No difference really that I can feel in the way these springs ride though."
9Travis83622MR2"The springs are definetly quality. They come with the rubber parts on the top and bottom of the spring to lessen spring noise which is very nice and works well. Plus, Green and Brown is a cool color combo. The car sits nicely on them and handles great. Spring rate isn't too agressive and the stance is acceptably low for a show and still street drivable. It also came with directions for cutting your bumpstops that was laid out on an easy to read chart that you can find online on Tein's website as well. My only disapointment was that the springs didn't say front or rear on them anywhere! On my car they are distinctively different, but some aren't and I could see that maybe being a problem later on. Overall very satisfied with this purchase."
10Saeed61867Mustang"great product great price, car handles great now hpf is the best"
10Kyle44151Cobalt"The springs work very well, lower stance that is just right for the car, performs even better than they look, no flaws in my springs at all. Definetly a great buy!"
9Amanda30281A4"The Tein springs lowered my audi the amount that they said it would, the ride quality seemed to be quite comfortable, would recommened these to anyone trying to lower their car but save some money from coilovers."
8yeng78687Corolla"it ride the same as stock springs. install less then 3 hours ."
10Francisco76386G35"Good product, not the ones you want if you want the tires tucked but, definitely makes your appearance look awesome."
10Bryan66820Accord"Best Accord 2" spring period. Doesn't have the boat look like other springs. I paired these up with some Tokico HP struts and the ride is great."
10Laurel57780Solara"all i can say is that it works, it was installed for mostly cosmetic reasons, the car will never see any track time, and I do not think the Paired KYB-GR2 shocks can handle the stresses that the track will provide for this particular Vehicle, the ride has become significantly stiffer, but that is to be expected when you are lowering a vehicle. as for the car's handling, it feel's less floaty at high cruising speeds, and it also feels more connected to the road. over all everything is working as it should be."
10Tadas52121Civic"every thing went as expected, so it was an easy instalation, and the TEIN springs work very well. Ride became stiffer and more sporty"
10Jeff14143Civic"Of course the service was great! when is it not. The springs look,feel,and drive great! Installation was so easy that anybody can do it as long as you have the right tools. Keep up the great work guys....will be talking to ya'll soon."
9Matt60532xB"Good fitment for my xB. I liked the quality of materials used and the drop was what I was looking for. Cornering has improved and it has integrated well with my other mods. Instructions assumed you already knew what you were doing (and I always don't!)."
5ilyaIntegra"Was very escited to install these springs, took me about 3 hours to replace my old coilovers. I took my car out and found out that I cannot make a smooth sharp turn without tire-rub, any small bumb I hit at fast speeds=tire-rub. 2.5" drop for front is way too much for such a soft spring if you ask me. Not very pleased with these, will try something different."
9JimNeon"Great Springs for the price!!! Easy to install direct O.E.M Replacement!!! Install time was about 1 hour and 45 mins with no help... No bounce and they ride much better then the stock springs! This is a best buy for the Price!!!"
10Josh37801Prelude"Rides just like it did when it was stock, great product."
10ChristytC"I love my springs. The car handles so great, yeah, i love the lowered bounce! very easy to install, fit perfectly! btw, my car is SUPER HOTT & the springs made the difference!"
9Seth39695STi"springs perform great! they gave the the drive and look that i wanted."
10JustinJ6133Focus"The springs are awesome. They really dropped my Focus quite a bit. My car doesnt have body roll anymore. Outstanding handeling!! I am very satisfied. Great look, great ride, Great product!!!"
10Jeff14143tC"Great product, easy to install. The springs dropped the car made it look awsome, and rides just like the factory. No fender gap on the stock 17's"
10Tom7319EVO"Great drop, rides awesome. Would buy these again."
10George6923200SX"the tein spring were great they lowered my car just right.this product feels nice when riding down the street even though the rear sits higher but overall its good"
10Julio3226Supra"Excellent Product. Very good fit and finish. Excellent feel of the Car's dynamics - better than the previous Eibach's."