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6 Reviews for (Thermotec The OriginalExhaust Wraps)

Overall Rating (9.7 of 10)
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Thermotec  Thermotec The Original Exhaust Wraps  

Overall Rating (9.7 of 10) - 6 Reviews  Write Review

10Soare27592"excellent product"
10Hubert43536"Great Stuff. Follow the instructions and wear a cheap long sleeve shirt that you can throw away and some cheap gloves that can be washed or thrown away. Why? Because if you don't your skin will be itchin bad for a couple of days. Anyways, great product. 10 minutes after turning off my RSX-S GT35R Turbo I can comfortably place my hand on the exhaust manifold. Try it on the turbo and you'll burn the skin off in a heart beat. It defenetly keeps temperatures downm so I also wrapped the charge pipe and downpipe. Be prepated for a crap load of smoke while the wrap "cures" the first couple of times you run the car. Nothing to worry about. I recomend this product to anyone with heat issues in the engine bay. I also recomend sealing the pores on it with high temp ceramic or silica paint."
10Doug33159"Great Product! It meets all manufacturer claims. I used it with their silver spray paint and followed all install directions. Two install notes: 1) When installing my header, after the wrap/paint dried, small fibers of the wrap material broke/rubbed off. They are pretty irritating to your skin. If you have to lay underneath your part, DEFINITATELY WEAR EYE PROTECTION. Trust me. 2) They aren't kidding when their directions say that it will put off odors/vapors when first heated. My header smoked like heck for the first day and still putoff a smell for another couple. All in all I'm very happy with it and will use it again."
8240sxboi"installed in about 45 minutes. very effective. i recommend this product to anyone."
10Joseph3396"It works just as you'd expect it to, my under hood tempatures have been reduced. It's a pretty easy install, all you need are some hose clamps to hold it on and high tempature paint to keep the moisture out. I couldn't tell you if it helped me make more power since I installed it along with a 3" down pipe and a ported exzaust manifold, but keeping more heat in the exzaust stream can't hurt turbo spool up."