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3 Reviews for (Thermotec Turbo WrapTurbo Wraps)

Overall Rating (8.7 of 10)
Thermotec Turbo Wrap Turbo Wraps

Thermotec  Thermotec Turbo Wrap Turbo Wraps  

Overall Rating (8.7 of 10) - 3 Reviews  Write Review

9Hubert43536"Good Product. Defenetly wear long sleeve rubber gloves or you will get skin irritation from the fibers. It also helps to moist the straps. Easy to install. It does help keep temperatures down, specially if you ceramic coat it on top too. Holding the heat inside the exhaust manifold helps spool at the turbo a bit faster. The kit comes with 1 aluminum reflective sheet large enough to cover 5 turbos easily."
8Chris40612"i would reccommend this part to anyone with a turbo, installation was easy and dissapates heat as req'd."
9Brent70421"The product works as advertised. It has dramatically decreased my engine compartment temperature. I also feel that it has helped improve the turbo's spool up (I also wrapped the down pipe). The kit was somewhat dificult (read time consuming)to install and the outside aluminum barrier is somewhat fragile. The kit contained enough wrap to even cover all the intercooler piping as well. My biggest complaint is with the instructions which were not detailed enough, and with manufacturer support. I emailed the manufacturer with a question and never received a reply."