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Titan Motorsports High Flow Catalytic Converters

Titan Motorsports High Flow Catalytic Converters  

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9Eric36173Supra"The Titan Motorsports Catalytic Converter was the last piece of exhaust I needed. The turbo spool is better and the sound has kept quiet. The instalation was what I expect from a bolt on, no issues justs bolts on. However the flange was very thin on the top and bottom makind me concerned with gasket life. Overall a trouble free upgrade that didn't disappoint."
7Jon25984Supra"This is a 'fitted' part. For the cost it should be a polished part. Bolted up fine and works so far. You will get nothing in the box BUT the cat and a 'I replaced my cat' note. This has flow arrows but thats it for instructions. no gaskets or bolts and you WILL need your stock bracket off the old cat modified a bit as its not quite big enough.. A grinder works like a charm. Be advised this does require some work or you can take your chances without the bracket."