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7 Reviews for (Venom Performance Control Module - Venom 400Engine Management Piggyback)

Overall Rating (7.9 of 10)
Venom Performance Control Module - Venom 400 Engine Management Piggyback

Venom  Venom Performance Control Module - Venom 400 Engine Management Piggyback  

Overall Rating (7.9 of 10) - 7 Reviews  Write Review

7Craig60205Supra"was not extremely hard to instsll. jumper clips don't provide adequate contact to wires. good performance gains when activated"
10Joe39683T100"The Venom is awesome!! I should have bought it earlier. I have great power now. Thanks ......J"
4Tim240SX"HPF was awesome in their customer service/shipping. However, the Venom ECU is a scam. All this system does is make your engine think it's at full throttle when it's not. Instead of spending $300, just push the gas pedal all the way to the floor. You get 0 top end performance gains from this product. Research items BEFORE you buy them."
5Jesse36894Impreza"installation was easy, i have not noticed any gains in power or over all perfomance. could have spent the 300 dollars better on other parts at horsepower freaks i have seen"
9JustinAccord"Pretty good gain but expected more power."
10LukePrelude"This part is more than perfect for this car. It completely takes full advantage of the horsepower that car has been capable all along. It kicks the VTEC (valve timing electricly controlled) computer in about 400rpm after idle range.The disable switch is great for keeping your engine calm when your not racing around."