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18 Reviews for (Venom Super FlowFuel Injectors)

Overall Rating (8.7 of 10)
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Venom  Venom Super Flow Fuel Injectors  

Overall Rating (8.7 of 10) - 18 Reviews  Write Review

9John491764Runner"The injectors were a good fit for my 97 4 runner. I get a little worse gas mileage now but that's to be expected. I also bought a high flow fuel pump also."
9jeff79370Civic"good product easyly installed with little gain over stock"
9Wayne59251S10"They installed the same as OEM ones. They restored power lost from the worn ones and they are worth every penny."
9craig51549Supra"Excellent product!"
10Stephen2005Probe"This product is absolutly perfect for my car. It gave my the performance it need to win."
8LaCrystal36289Civic"Good product! Just needed to do some work so the car would not run rich. Other thant that it's fine."
10RiceCivic"i am a retard like all these other people posting reviews because i expected to gain horsepower by changing my injectors. this just shows how little i know about how engines actually work and is why i drive a silly honda."
8Jonathon22821Eclipse"These are great injectors for a non-turbo block. They were a bit pricey, but did the job. I would definately recommend these injectors for anyone wanting to replace a jacked stock injector."
9Christopher19685Accord"The injectors were a very easy instal especialy with the aem fuel rail i got from here too. took me an hour tops. However i had to let the ecu remap the air/fuel. I def noticed better pick-up and smoother acceleration. Infact, even those these injectors were higher flowing i actually saw an increase in mpg. The car runs better and the injectors were above what i expected. Looks o so good under my hood."
9Matt58195Accord"Great injectors, the only downside is that the o-rings are very weak."
8Brandy11049Accord"Easy install, no noticable power gain car actually ran the same even with AEM fuel rail and regulator. No quality issues at all."
10Paul11326CRX"The vemon injectors worked great. I'm not sure if they gave me a power gain because the whole motor was rebuilt but they where a direct fit into my intake and so far working like a dream."
6Joseph6985Eclipse"Not to bad to install. Not a noticable gain in power or run faster. But they seem to be ok. I have not had any problems yet."
7Bradley4886S10"They work just fine, no significant gain in performance was noticed. Installation was easy."
10Mark3086300ZX"The product is great. No problems at all. It was pretty easy to install and the car runs smoother. I cannot really tell if the car gained any power or performance."