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5 Reviews for (Venom High FlowFuel Pumps)

Overall Rating (7.8 of 10)
Venom High Flow Fuel Pumps

Venom  Venom High Flow Fuel Pumps  

Overall Rating (7.8 of 10) - 5 Reviews  Write Review

6John491764Runner"Had some issues with the install because of the difference in the size and the way the pump hooks up. But I got it to work on my 97 4 runner. Delivery was good and the guys were helpful."
8MatthewCelica"I put this in as a preparatory step for my 3sgte engine swap that should be coming soon. I didn't notice any power gain from it but it did smooth out the torque curve a little. I had to remove the rear seat cover to install this as with many other top loading pumps but I kept mine off as part of my weight reduction and the pump is pretty loud, especially compared to the factory one. It's got a high pitch whine that is comparable to turbo spool up. its not noticable at highway speeds and personally i like it. I had to install the pump bracket in two pieces because this pump is so much bigger than the factory pump. It didn't fit in the bracket so i set it in the bottom rest and double zip tied it to the bracket post and it worked fine. Awesome product!"
9Eric33035Prelude"Product performs without a problem asn as expected. Not rating a 10 because nothing's perfect!! Great product. Use with Venom injectors and fuel pressure regulator."
8LeoB11895RAV4"Part works great!!!"
8Erik13867Celica"Installation was very hard due to size difference from old pump. I had to angle it in with extra hose. Over all the car ran smooth, but didn't see too much power gain. It would good to also look into buying a fuel rail, performance fuel injectors, and performance fuel regulator. May experience major horsepower gain."