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50 Reviews for (Walbro With Install KitFuel Pumps)

Overall Rating (9.5 of 10)
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Walbro  Walbro With Install Kit Fuel Pumps  

Overall Rating (9.5 of 10) - 50 Reviews  Write Review

9JOSHUA76542S2000"Part works perfect.exactly as expected.instructions were a little vague and not vehicle specific but its straight forward anyway on how to.the filter sock that came with the install kit does not work with the s2000. The way it angles would make your car read 3/4 tank full all the time so I had to go grab a new OEM thats the only reason I gave it a 9/10 because when it said with install kit I figured it meant for a complete OEM fit.which it is minus the filter sock on the bottom."
10mrkleen73Maxima"For the money it is the best product out there."
10Joel107008Civic"Car runs just as flawlessly as it did with my oem fuel pump, it has not been put to use yet for the additional horsepower yet but it is nice to have the added protection of knowing that my car has the ability to support what I am looking to do with it. An all-motor setup will be going into the car shortly, it is an EF hatch."
8Daniel105846Integra"no problems works great "
1josh103604Sentra"this pump burned out in ONE day. its junk and i will not buy another."
10IonQuad3Accord"LOL....I have not install this product yet. But read a lot of reviews on this product. Heard it performs really well."
9Parker88787Supra"The Fuel pump works Great. Plenty of power and had everything in the kit in need to install properly for my 7m"
10Timothy87397Supra"The product was easy to install and my car performed better than I expected. The diference in the performance before and after installation was 100%. I would recommend the product and HPF to anyone who wants to improve their ride."
10cheezygurl01Supra"After installing this part with no trouble at all, my fiance was able to say this was the best bday gift ever. Along with other upgrades this pump allowed him to double his boost levels..."
10Sidney57132SRT4"walboro kit is the first upgrade for any fuel demanding vehicle.. This product is very well made from the USA and fitment "
10Nicholas86501STi"Great fuel pump to accompany your stage 2 upgrade; not difficult to install."
9terrance74342Civic"works great for boost apps. does what it says"
10Angel46607Eclipse"Fit in my DSM and very happy with it."
10Ivanov52613Supra"Great quality. Comes with all the instalation instructions needed. Great product."
10WilliamP61987Supra"Everything went well from installing to gaining what I wanted."
9Joseph22786CRX"Cheaper than buying an OEM replacement pump and there is extra fuel too. Simple to install, and works great."
10Jared58135Civic"awesome! a little noisy...but i love it!! i have a gutted rear on my hatch so i hear everything! but awesome pump wouldnt settle for anything less!"
9Tyler89179Supra"Product is great! Easy install, got the fuel it needed. Fast shipping too!"
10Talan43659Eclipse"This pump was one of the easiest mods i've done to my car. I dropped this pump in a 96 eclipse, and it was almost as easy as just swapping out the pump for a factory unit. all together the install took me 15 minutes start to finish. When installing the pump into the factory bracket, the walbro pump is slightly taller, so a new mounting hole needs to be drilled, but other than that it fits perfect. This pump does everything it needs to do, isn't horribly loud or obnoxious and is a breeze to install. Great product. definitely worth the money."
10Robb48144S2000"Very good, worked perfectly as described. Makes a kinda loud humming sound while turned on, but since it is moving so much gas all the time, I understand why. The sound is very tolerable though. Will buy another for a different car in the future."
9Jeremy47903Civic"simple installation, dropped right in... noticeable difference at WOT"
10Supra_87_mk3Supra"the pump came with a direct fit kit for my Supra, it went right in and has worked great ever since..."
10Kevin13107S2000"This pump couldn't be any easier to install. It only took me about 20 minutes with simple hand tools. As for power gain I didn't see much, just better fuel mapping at higher rpm. Works like a dream!"
9mike455663000GT"this fuel pump fit perfectly and works great"
10Lonzell17923Civic"The water pump was easy to install and is a great product.The pump has maxium flow which increased my fuel delivery.I would highly recommend this product."
10Hubert43536Civic"This pump is good for up to 500 whp max, pushing it. I installed it on a 95 honda civic cx but also works on RSX-S. Runs perfect, you can hear it for the first 350 miles, after that you don't notice it as much. Tip: put some dynamat on the fuel tank cover to dampen the sound."
10Curtis37378Supra"Fit and performance is great, 430 rwhp and 440 rwtq and the pump still had plenty more to go."
10Isaac38194Accord"I heard alot of good things about walbro. Alot of people have them on as well as other automotive web sites. I acctually got this fuel pump for a lil bit less than oem. I have ordered alot from and will continue. From my experience in online shopping for auto parts, HPF.COM has stood up to some of the best, from thier parts to fast shipping, and great communication.....don't make the wrong choice!!! HPF.COM!!!"
9James41998CRX"product works great, but the whirring sound gets quite annoying when its quiet lol"
10Zachary48382Civic"part was delivered on time install was simple"
10Samuel39012Civic"Part is exactly what i ordered and fits perfectly. A little noisy, but what do you expect when you alter your cars oem parts. Will defentitly buy from you guys again."
10Anthony26229Prelude"great product"
10David29336Supra"Works great but should tell info on 9 volt toyota to 12volt Walbro not enough info for first timers."
10David30130CRX"i received my fuel pump on time and it fit like a charm. I could not be happier with it. I wouldnt think if ordering a part from any other online store."
9Brad29622Supra"Sounds like a hornets nest in my gas tank; otherwise flawless!"
10Matt512343000GT"Had to replace the factory pump so i went aftermarkt for future upgrades. Its a pain to do the wrk urself but way cheaper than a mechanic. It fit in just about the same execept i couldnt use the provided rubber mount. Still the pump has a nice whine to it."
10Raza13354Supra"great product as ever!"
10Vincent17502Integra"this pump is very very easy to install. it took me 2 hours to drop the tank and put this pump in and put the tank back on. it works great with hardly any noise."
10JZ_MaltaSupra"Excellent item, no fitment issues, quality was as expected."
10Terrance32828Civic"This is a great part and is very helpful for turbo charged vehicles. I recommend this part for everyone that is tuning there car for more power. Plus very easy installation. Thank for this great product."