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8 Reviews for (Weapon-R RacingSeat Brackets)

Overall Rating (6.8 of 10)
Weapon-R Racing Seat Brackets

Weapon-R  Weapon-R Racing Seat Brackets  

Overall Rating (6.8 of 10) - 8 Reviews  Write Review

5Moises92842240SX"too tall not factory height"
7Tyler60235Accord"I bought these to install with a pair of Megan Racing seats in a 97 Accord. I was debating between OBX brackets and these, but OBX has a completely different design. Upon receiving and viewing the brackets they seemed well built, but built quickly. Where they used a tap to drill out the holes, they left all the metal shavings that were still attached to the bar so I had to spend about a 1/2 hour filing all the shavings off of the holes. Anyways, the hardware that came with the Megan seats allowed them to bolt right up to the brackets perfectly. Installation was not nearly as easy as I expected. Installing the passenger seat was okay, but difficult because the seat is in the way and you have to force they seat brackets because they dont line up perfectly. But, I got it in. The drivers seat was a royal pain. I got 3 bolts in and the last bolt took over 2 hours to get in because the bracket would not get close enough to the mounting hole and the OEM bolt was to short. It seemed as is if the bracket got twisted a little bit. In the end I had to hammer the bolt in, then tighten it. Also, you will have to bend the seat belt brackets in order for the seat to slide forwards and back, and the bracket will press against the center console and scratch it, but you will not notice it unless you look between the seat and console. Note: You will need to get 2 extra nuts to bolt the seat belt holster to the bracket. The nuts on the OEM seats are part of the bracket itself and are not removable. Get grade 10 if possible for your safety. Verdict: Seems well put together, but the fitment needs to be better to reduce a couple hours of frustration and is disappointing from such a great company as Weapon R. I give the seat brackets a 7 out of 10."
9KhoaIntegra"The bracket mounting holes took a little coercing to line up car but it fits great. plus for the DA (90-93) Integra it has a bracket for the automatic seatbelt which is a plus!"
6Aaron42858Civic"Good quality, but i had to weld my seats to the brackets because the seats bolt pattern was diffrent from the brackets. I think i had sparco style seats and the weapon r brackets dont accept that style."
6James27555240SX"Not a bad low end bracket, the orginal was for an s13 and we still made it fit an s14. As for the bolt holes they had to be drilled larger due to safty concerns. -Thx HPF as always !"
2Devin33593Accord"horrible fitment, with hammering and bending brackets can only get 3 bolts in. very poorly built and manufactured, and it was my only choice because sparco didnt make a driver side bracket for my accord"
10Salah33293240SX"the part i purchased from horsepowerfreaks is the exact part i needed and it fit perfectly.horsepower freaks were very friendly and helpfull in getting the right part.I will do bussiness with them again. thanks salah"