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2 Reviews for (ZEX SMART WetNitrous Kits)

Overall Rating (6.5 of 10)
ZEX SMART Wet Nitrous Kits

ZEX  ZEX SMART Wet Nitrous Kits  

Overall Rating (6.5 of 10) - 2 Reviews  Write Review

8maher33333"Great kit Better spool for the turbo, elimnate lag but need better boost switch cutoff"
5Ismael42036"this system works good but not on all cars on my two toyotas i tried it on it happened to be too much or something on one, it blew out the engine in 2 days by over raping it. on the other, well it ran 17.45 in a quater mile that says it all. very easy to install if you got the right veichle $$$$$!!!"