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HPF E46 M3 Turbo Kits: Frequently Asked Questions

HPF E46 M3 Turbo Kits


How much is the installation of the rear subframe reinforcement kit?

You may want to consider getting the rear subframe reinforcement kit installed at the same time as you turbo kit. It is not required. The installation for this is $800.


What do I need to do to maintain the HPF turbo system?

If you maintain your M3 properly now, then you won't need to change a thing. You should change your oil with factory BMW oil and oil filter every 2,500 miles. This factory oil is what lubricates and cools the turbo system. These turbo systems come with 6 new Denso Irridium spark plugs. They will last a long time. We recommend getting new coil packs when you get our turbo system. They are inexpensive and often wear out over time. Once either wears out you will get a slight misfire under boost. That tells you it's time to replace the plugs and/or coil packs. Our system also comes with an inexpensive fuel filter. It is recommended that you replace this every 10,000 miles. Just let us know when you're ready for another one. Everything else requires zero maintenance.


What is the warranty that comes with my HPF Turbo System

The HPF Turbo Systems are extremely reliable and daily driveable with over 4 million miles on these kits and growing fast. That doesn't mean that you will never have a problem but if you do, we have several steps to help you resolve it. We have a fully detailed troubleshooting section complete with pictures and videos. It is very thorough and quickly walks you through locating the problem and fixing it. When you purchase your turbo system you also get our HPF turbo system limited liability warranty that covers nearly every part in your turbo system. The only parts in our kit that aren't covered under this warranty are general wear and tear parts such as spark plugs, etc. Click on the links below to view our product warranties.

HPF Turbo System Warranties:

HPF Stage 1, 2 and 2.5 Limited Warranty
HPF Stage 3 Limited Warranty
HPF Stage 4 Limited Warranty