Daryl Newcomer's 2002 Audi TT
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2002 Audi TT pictures and images by Daryl Newcomer | HorsepowerFreaks

Owner:Daryl Newcomer
Dyno:300 whp / 300 wtq
1/4 mile:
Engine:1.8t stock 225HP--modded to over 300HP with: APR Chip 100 octane, AEM W/M injection, Forge Splitter DV w/Forge relocation kit and all forge boost silicone hoses. N249 delete. Forge adjustable wastegate actuator. Densco Iradium .28 gap spark plugs.
Transmission:6 speed manual Haldex System with forge short shifters both side to side, and front to back 40 quicker shifts.
Intercooler:Kinetic Motorsport FMIC kit from CTS Turbo capable of up to 450hp, Thanks Clay.
Intake:Neu Speed p-flow, Forge silicone induction hose
Exhaust:APR turbo-back 3" stainless, cat delete, resonator delete, race series
Electronics:APR Stage 2 chipped two programs @ 93 octane and 100 octane. AEM Tru-Boost Digital Controller Mod shack mounted and also use N75 J race Valve solenoid with AEM tru boost as the meter function. Boosting to 18psi @ 5,500RPM and 19psi @ 6,700RPMs. AEM Water Meth over 300hp nozzle spray w/93octane to produce chipped 100 octane. Custom Compu Star Alarm w/remote start and turbo timer built in.
Tire:Brand new Continentals
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ABT Rear Spoiler, OSIR DTM Valance, APR 3" Exhaust.

AEM W/M 1gallon tank

Water Meth Jet Location

Trunk Custom Install

No grill before car got front ended

New Grill, I did body work and ready for paint.

Me installing My new inercooler

HID: Highs 10K lows &Fogs are @8K 6Ballast total

Sizeing up the ABT Spoiler

I put in over 20 hours in body work for this spoiler.

Forge Adjustable Wastegate Actuator before install