Gary Stenzel's 1989 BMW 325
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1989 BMW 325 pictures and images by Gary Stenzel | HorsepowerFreaks

Owner:Gary Stenzel
1/4 mile:
Engine:Motor has Nology spark increaser, Mallory 75,000 volt coil, Beru silver plugs, Bavarian Auto HP ignition wires, Carbon filter system from UK, FSE power boost, Schnitzer 20hp Motorola chip.
Transmission:Suspension: HR 2" springs, Bilsteins, Schnitzer front strut bar, CP Racing rear strut support and bar, Michelin Pilot Sports with ACS3 original Type I mags.
Intake:220HP, Carbon-air box w/ BMG filter, Bavarian hi-perf wires, Nology Power-core, Mallory 55,000 volt Promaster coil, FSE Power boost regulator, Hi-perf. battery, Beru Silvertip plugs, 19lb Accell hi-perf injectors, Red-line Water-Wetter, custom grill/air dam system by Signature Motoring, Ansa Sport exhaust, Raisin voltage stabilizer, Schnitzer Motorola 18hp chip, dyno-tuned for maximum air/gas flow.
Exhaust:Ansa dual exhaust with chrome stainless tips.
Electronics:Infinity 400 watt "Base-link" woofer, Kenwood 320 watt amp with 200 watt Kenwood KDC-X791 stereo with built in G-tech performance monitor, Infinity Kappa 62.7i rear 2-way speakers, Infinity 52.7i front 2-way speakers, Autopage security, Bell cordless radar detector
Tire:Michelin Pilot Sports2 on original ACS3 Type I re-powdercoated mags.
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FSE Power Boost and BMW w/ Carbon air box