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1991 BMW 740 Pictures

   Jeffrey9315's 1991 BMW 740
  • Body: 4-Door Sedan
  • Motor: B230FT
  • Turbo: T04 Mitsubishi TD-04 turbo running on 20 psi of boost. Modified with home-built manual waste gate co...
  • Cam: ipd VX street Performance Cam. Intake: .452" x 245 duration Exhaust: .424" x 236 duration
  • Intake: 150mm HKS MegaFlow rerouted to the bottom of the front bumper.
  • Transmission: AW71 4-Speed Automatic
  • Intercooler: Stock Volvo intercooler
  • Exhaust: 3" turbo-back stainless with Magna-Flo high-flow cat and Magna-Flo muffler.