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2004 BMW M3 Pictures

   David90614's 2004 BMW M3
  • Body: E46 M3 CABRIO
  • Motor: S54 N/A
  • Intake: AFE STAGE 2 5R
  • Transmission: SMG CSL
  • Exhaust: AA GEN 6
2004 BMW M3 Pictures

   Samir57748's 2004 BMW M3
  • Dyno: 610.96, 446.35 ft-lbs
  • Motor: HorsepowerFreaks Stage 2 Turbo Kit, 6 HPF 750cc high impedance drop in injectors, Denso irridium spa...
  • Turbo: Precision T67 turbo, Steed Speed turbo manifold
  • Intake: HPF intake manifold, FJO methanol pump, HPF methanol tank
  • Intercooler: HorsepowerFreaks bar-n-plate intercooler, powdercoated aluminum intercooler piping, HPF couplers, T-...