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1996 Ford Escort Pictures

   grssmnperez's 1996 Ford Escort
  • Body: Stock
  • Motor: Goodyear Assurance tires on 15in Proline rims
  • Turbo: Garrett gt26 with KN filter, HKS SSQV BOV, AEM TruBoost controller
  • Nitrous: N/A
  • Intake: custom to turbo, spi controller, fuel controller, AEM FPR
  • Transmission: 5 spd Manual
  • Intercooler: 27x13x3in full cutom intercooler and radiator
  • Exhaust: RS Turbo exhaust manifold UK Spec to full 2.25in custom exhaust
1995 Ford Escort Pictures

   scortz's 1995 Ford Escort
  • Body: Escort LX: converted the body to a GT GT FR bumpers, sideskirts, grill, wheels and spoiler. Clear co...
  • Motor: Goodyear 205/50R15's
  • Turbo: Not yet.
  • Nitrous: N/A
  • Cam: Stock
  • Intake: WeaponR Cold air intake
  • Transmission: Stock right now.
  • Intercooler: N/A
  • Exhaust: Custom Catback 2.5" Borla exhaust
1991 Ford Escort Pictures

   scortz's 1991 Ford Escort
  • Body: Escort GT: Clear corners and sidemarkers, smoked taillights, M3 style mirrors and Honda Civic R33 st...
  • Motor: Kumho 205/50R15
  • Turbo: N/A
  • Nitrous: N/A
  • Intake: WeaponR CAI.
  • Transmission: ACT clutch.
  • Intercooler: N/A
  • Exhaust: Custom 2.5" catback exhaust to a Tanabe drag muffler.
1997 Ford Escort Pictures

   chris1986's 1997 Ford Escort
  • Dyno: 200
  • Body: Stock, for now...
  • Motor: 2.0 single over head cam, .60 bore, port and polish head,ford racing cam, cam gear.. still ebuilding
  • Turbo: soon to come....
  • Intake: Stock building custom... from cooper..
  • Transmission: auto...
  • Exhaust: stock cat.. 2 1/4 from cat back...
1994 Ford Escort Pictures

   chris1986's 1994 Ford Escort
  • Body: ford escort Cogswrath
  • Motor: 2.0L .60 over bore, port and polish head..
  • Turbo: T3/T4 oversized to mach up to buld motor
  • Nitrous: waste of cash..
  • Cam: ford racing cam gears
  • Transmission: 5-speed manual, Zoom racing cluch ket
  • Intercooler: stock
  • Exhaust: header and high flow cat only
1999 Ford Escort Pictures

   Bryan11470's 1999 Ford Escort
  • Dyno: 135
  • Body: Combat kit with molded side skirts and rear wrap, GTR wing, AF/X fiberglass hood, J-class Fenders, M...
  • Motor: Ford racing wires, MSD coil pack, ZXTuner strut bar, weapon-R intake, essinger UPD, zxtuner ODP, zxt...
  • Intake: weapon-R
  • Transmission: BM short shifter energy suspension shifter bushings
  • Exhaust: Borla
1991 Ford Escort Pictures

   tony61582's 1991 Ford Escort
  • Body: Clear turnsignals, Skyline R33 style front bumper, Custom made wire mesh grill, Carbon fiber mirrors...
  • Motor: 1.8 ltr. DOHC. Ford Racing wires, NGK Irodium plugs, Hose accent pieces, and a tower strut bar.
  • Turbo: N/A
  • Nitrous: N/A
  • Cam: Comp cams
  • Intake: Weapon R Cold air intake
  • Transmission: factory manual 5spd.
  • Intercooler: n/a
  • Exhaust: Custom 2.5" stainless steel cat-back to a Tanabe style muffler
2003 Ford Escort Pictures

   Kent41878's 2003 Ford Escort
  • Turbo: I want to add one without harming the engine ! what all will need to be changed on the motor to add ...
  • Intake: Custom Made Cold air Intake with Boms Racing Filter.
1997 Ford Escort Pictures

   sam24858's 1997 Ford Escort
  • Turbo: T3T4
1996 Ford Escort Pictures

   raysteelers's 1996 Ford Escort
  • Body: custom made bodykit,hood scoop
  • Motor: 1.9l,msd ignition coil,msd wires,custom made cold air intake with turbinater and a acp air filter
  • Turbo: working on getting custom made
  • Nitrous: n/a
  • Cam: stock
  • Intake: custom
  • Transmission: stock
  • Intercooler: n/a
  • Exhaust: custom bosal 2 1/4 downpipe highflow mega flow cat with 3" pipe to a bosal muffler