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Wayne (Skip) St.Sauveur's 1999 Ford Lightning
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1999 Ford Lightning pictures and images by Wayne Skip St.Sauveur | HorsepowerFreaks

Owner:Wayne (Skip) St.Sauveur
Dyno:471 whp / 502 wtq
1/4 mile:
Engine:Denson IT-22 Plugs, 170 deg thermostat, Ignition Plasma Boost
Transmission:Stock with reprogrammed shift points
Supercharger:Eaton M112 Ported with ported plemum, 14lbs boost,
Intercooler:Stock heat exchanger with twin 650cfm puller fans
Intake:90mm MAF with Airaid Cold air intake system.
Exhaust:Bassani Stainless, two high flow pre cats, two rear cats removed. Stock Headers.
Electronics:Predator tune by RWTD.....12.1:1 AFR, 17 Deg Timing at WOT,
Tire:295-45-18 Hankooks
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