Roy Kangiser's 1989 Ford Mustang
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1989 Ford Mustang pictures and images by Roy Kangiser | HorsepowerFreaks

Owner:Roy Kangiser
1/4 mile:
Engine:Ford Racing 347 ci 10.5 CR. Vortec 10 pound boost Anderson Motor sports PMS4 Engine controler 48lbs injectors
Camshaft:Ford racing roller E303
Transmission:tremac tko 5 speed 600 ft/lbs torque old school
Supercharger:vortec 4fa218-048t racing supercharger 9-10 boost yes you can use 9-10lbs boost with 10.5cr if you go electronic animal after 2800 rpm
Nitrous:no way!
Intercooler:fender well air 20 degreas cooler than engine temp NONE
Intake:ford racing GT 40 keep the flow up
Exhaust:magnaflow /with cats have to pass smog every year
Electronics:anderson motor sports PMS4/FORD
Tire:nitto 315x17 drag radials no tractions
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Sick,Twisted & Immoral To drive you have to be.