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2000 GMC Syclone Pictures

   Austin41526's 2000 GMC Syclone
  • Dyno: 400, 415 ft-lbs
  • Body: Wings West Full body kit/ custom paint/ Ram air
  • Motor: LS1
  • Cam: comp
  • Transmission: High Performance rebuilt transmission
  • Exhaust: Borla cat-back
1987 GMC Syclone Pictures

   Omar12362's 1987 GMC Syclone
  • Motor: Stock 305 TPI
  • Turbo: T04 2 T04E turbos
  • Cam: Stock
  • Intake: Accel high performance intake manifold with Arizona Speed and Marine TPI runners
  • Transmission: BM shift kit
  • Intercooler: Custom made bar and plate intercooler
  • Exhaust: Gale Banks turbo manifolds with custom made 3in downpipes and y pipe with 3in single outlet flowmast...
2002 GMC Syclone Pictures

   Jesus21460's 2002 GMC Syclone
  • Dyno: 325
  • Intake: HKS
  • Exhaust: Magnaflow
2002 GMC Syclone Pictures

   Lydia23455's 2002 GMC Syclone
  • 1/4 mile: 9.49@147.9 mph
  • Dyno: 680, 750 ft-lbs
  • Motor: LS1 Based Solid Roller 427ci.
  • Nitrous: Dual Stage Setup...TNT Power Ring/Custom RPM Hardlined Fogger
  • Cam: RPM Custom Cam
  • Intake: FAST 90MM Intake/Throttle Body
  • Transmission: Race Built TH400
  • Exhaust: Custom 3 1/2"x3" X-Pipe With Dumps
2002 GMC Syclone Pictures

   mario28600's 2002 GMC Syclone
  • Dyno: 385
  • Body: bra new, white exterior paint, blk leather interior,red faced cd player, red color tachometer, custo...
  • Intake: slp air intake package
1978 GMC Syclone Pictures

   will29784's 1978 GMC Syclone
1999 GMC Syclone Pictures

   Shawn38913's 1999 GMC Syclone
  • 1/4 mile: 12.454@116.52 mph
  • Dyno: 455
  • Body: Red, BLK TA on side n BLK pontiac on front light. Stock hood and everything else.
  • Turbo: Don't need one.
  • Nitrous: Nah. I like my car to much.
  • Cam: Hmmm
  • Intake: Air lid. Free air mod. Diff. thorttle body. Smooth bellow
  • Intercooler: Nope
  • Exhaust: Completely built.nice way to spend 1.2K SLP loud mouth.