Chase Westrich's 1996 Geo Prizm
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Owner:Chase Westrich
Dyno:135 whp / 145 wtq
1/4 mile:
Engine:This is a stock 1.6l engine. All there is an air intake.
Transmission:This five speed sucks I wish I had a 6spd like my friend that has an LT1 Camaro, a 96.
Turbo:Going to get one eventually
Supercharger:There are some out there for people that have a geo and want a supercharger.
Intake:Got one from Bomz racing and is good.
Exhaust:Will get one soon. Probably within the next month.
Electronics:Got a chip that hooks up to the intake. May get HKS though for the whole computer.
Tire:Just got me some new rims and tires in a package. They're new tires and rims that are only at the most 3 months old.
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