Zeyad Samara's 1994 Honda Accord
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1994 Honda Accord pictures and images by Zeyad Samara | HorsepowerFreaks

Owner:Zeyad Samara
1/4 mile:
Engine:2.2 dohc vtecJDM S-p13,high compression
Camshaft:type s
Transmission:Lsd, ACT l.w flaywheel
Turbo:T70 turbo, ,hks bov,3" down pipe,5psi,vortech FMU 12:1,p28 maping ecu.blitz air filter, external wastegate 40 mm hks
Intercooler:evo 7 intercooler
Exhaust:76mm sti cat back
Electronics:blitz turbo timer
Tire:bridgeston potenza E070 , japan O.Z
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stock engine with AC and with 2 radiators fan, 330hp soon you will see the video