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1991 Honda CRX Pictures

   Eamonn11422's 1991 Honda CRX
  • Dyno: 300, 190 ft-lbs
  • Body: Honda CRX SI � Wings West Mid wing � body kit Inside: � Power windows and locks � Co...
  • Motor: JDM B16a
  • Turbo: T3T4 Drag turbo kit 14psi
  • Cam: AEM Cam gears crower Camshaft
  • Intake: Skunk II intake manifold
  • Transmission: Clutch Masters aluminum Flywheel
  • Exhaust: Greddy High output Catalytic Converter and exhaust
1990 Honda CRX Pictures

   Curtis62906's 1990 Honda CRX
  • Body: Black widow widebody kit, motegi wheels, euro tail lights, sparco gas cap
  • Motor: B18B1, Brian Crower 2.4 stroker kit, Brian Crower Valvetrain, BC stage 2 turbo cams much much more
  • Turbo: twin scroll setup
  • Nitrous: Nitrous express n-tercooler sprayer
  • Cam: Brian Crower stage 2 forced induction
  • Transmission: ACT clutch sprung 6 puck and streetlite flywheel
  • Intercooler: yokohama
  • Exhaust: custom
1991 Honda CRX Pictures

   Chris48536's 1991 Honda CRX
  • Dyno: 105
  • Body: blitz body kit, coil overs, rims and tires, exhaust, headlights, tail lights, clear corners, strobes...
  • Motor: I have a 1994 Honda Dx motor in it.
  • Turbo: over the winter will be putting in a turbonetics turbo kit.
  • Intake: aem intake
  • Exhaust: not sure bought the car with it already on it but it gives a nice deep tone not the fart can sound.
1990 Honda CRX Pictures

   fabian38314's 1990 Honda CRX
1991 Honda CRX Pictures

   rafael52921's 1991 Honda CRX
  • Dyno: 605, 430 ft-lbs
  • Body: 12 pc. mugen flared body kit, lagauna seca blue projector headlights, carbon fiber hood, aerogear z3...
  • Motor: Built Gsr 1.8L 9:1 comp.. eagle rods , ross pistons, stock sleeves with block guard, super tech valv...
  • Turbo: gt35r, large front mount, equal length manifold, tial 44mm wastegate, tial 50mm blov, stainless char...
  • Nitrous: lol
  • Cam: Integra type r 2000 spec
  • Intake: edelbrock
  • Transmission: 91 Integra Ls tranny with LSD
  • Intercooler: ebay large front mount
  • Exhaust: Apexi N1
1988 Honda CRX Pictures

   Chris55260's 1988 Honda CRX
  • Dyno: 120, 90 ft-lbs
  • Body: No Rust! Rio Red
  • Motor: SOHC ZC
  • Intake: DPFI
  • Exhaust: Blox Exhaust
1990 Honda CRX Pictures

   Bo19071's 1990 Honda CRX
  • Dyno: 403, 330 ft-lbs
  • Body: Tein SS coilovers, SSR Type-X wheels old wheels pictured, JDM EF-8/9 front end, Frost white paint w/...
  • Motor: JDM B16 w/ a .75" deck plate, 84.5mm bore, Darton sleeves, Eagle rods, custom teflon coated JE pisto...
  • Turbo: Precision SC6152E
  • Cam: JDM Civic Type-R cams, AEM TruTime Gears
  • Intake: Akimoto 68mm RPM Service throttle body
  • Transmission: YS1 w/ JDM EG viscous LSD
  • Intercooler: Spearco FMIC
  • Exhaust: 3" down-pipe back
90   Honda CRX Pictures

   J_CRX_90's 90 Honda CRX
  • Body: 90 CRX
1991 Honda CRX Pictures

   LECLERCQ66039's 1991 Honda CRX
  • Dyno: 200
  • Motor: B18C6