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Dustin Jantz's 1192 Honda Civic
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1192 Honda Civic pictures and images by Dustin Jantz | HorsepowerFreaks

Owner:Dustin Jantz
Dyno:195 whp / 130 wtq
1/4 mile:12.05 @ 111 mph.
Engine:1.8L, 81.5mm 11.3:1 pistons, eagle rods, pump gas, unported head, stock IM and TB
Camshaft:JUN stage 3
Transmission:stock ITR with JDM 4.78 final drive
Intake:generic 3" short ram
Exhaust:DC 4-1 w/ 2.5" collector to a 36" glasspack stopping at the rear control arm
Tire:22/8/15 MT Slicks
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