Austin Blais's 1995 Honda Civic
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1995 Honda Civic pictures and images by Austin Blais | HorsepowerFreaks

Owner:Austin Blais
Dyno:280 whp / 155 wtq
1/4 mile:
Engine:B16a JDM, straight from japan
Camshaft:Going with the Gsr cams, theyre good or turbo
Transmission:the A1 tranny
Turbo:T3/T4 garret internals
Supercharger:none. going all motor
Nitrous:None.. Please email me at top tell me what u think of future mods and if ui want a new picture sent to u when i get a camera... thanks
Intercooler:Forget the name
Exhaust:Straight piped with ractive weld-on
Electronics:Dual In-dash flip, touch screen head unit.
Tire:Run flats
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