Kyle Reeves's 2002 Honda Civic
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2002 Honda Civic pictures and images by Kyle Reeves | HorsepowerFreaks

Owner:Kyle Reeves
Dyno:279.6 whp / 222 wtq
1/4 mile:12.4 @ 115 mph.
Engine:2.4L Wiseco Custom 12.5:1 Pistons, Import Builders I BEAM K24 RODS, Hytech Oil Pump, Hytech Cams, Supertech Valves, Supertech Valve Springs, Ti-Retainers, Hytech K24 Header, RBC Intake Manifold, Hondata Intake Manifold gasket, RC 440cc Injectors
Camshaft:Hytech Spec III
Transmission:Neupseed Short Shifter, Quaife LSD
Intake:Custom 3in
Exhaust:Custom 3in Cat-back
Electronics:HONDATA K-PRO
Tire:NITTO NeoGen 205/50/16 Rota Slipstreams Black 16"
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