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2008 Honda FIT Pictures

   Bonty94686's 2008 Honda FIT
  • 1/4 mile: 17@99.419 mph
  • Body: Wing Carbon Shift knob skunk2 PIVOT RAIZIN VOLT STABILIZER PIVOT RAIZIN SPARK Type S
  • Motor: Standar
  • Turbo: none
  • Nitrous: none
  • Cam: Standar
  • Intake: Kansai
  • Transmission: Standar
  • Intercooler: none
  • Exhaust: Kansai
2007 Honda FIT Pictures

   I.C.E.Dragon's 2007 Honda FIT
  • Body: OEM add on kit, mugen rear spoiler, mugen window vent,
  • Motor: BF goodrich 205/45/17 ninja 17x7 flat black w/red ring
  • Intake: weapon R
  • Exhaust: megen headers, megen down pipe, megen exhuast
2008 Honda FIT Pictures

   GlennH52192's 2008 Honda FIT
  • Exhaust: Megan / T1R