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1997 Honda Prelude Pictures

   Brian4999's 1997 Honda Prelude
  • Body: Euro carbon-fiber taillights, Momo carbon-fiber shift knob, high-definition headlights, custom vinyl...
  • Motor: Optima Red Top battery, , Manley titanium valves, Manley titanium valve springs, Manley titanium ret...
  • Nitrous: NX Nitrous Express wet kit 125 shot
  • Cam: Crower Stage 2 cams
  • Intake: Injen Race Division Intake
  • Exhaust: DC Sports Headers, Custom 2.25-inch exhaust piping, high flow cat, Tanabe exhaust
1992 Honda Prelude Pictures

   patrick55870's 1992 Honda Prelude
  • Dyno: 168
  • Body: coupe
  • Nitrous: LPG GAS
  • Exhaust: sport
1994 Honda Prelude Pictures

   Koa44740's 1994 Honda Prelude
  • Dyno: 250
  • Body: Custom: 3 different kits. F1 fenders, Carbon fiber hood, remolded back, remolded side skirts. JDM Cr...
  • Motor: H22a1 VTEC, Blue 1/2 moon Valve cover, cam gears, Koyo racing Raidior, OBX ss Headers, SS OBX Pipe, ...
  • Turbo: Turbonetics t3/t4 not in yet
  • Nitrous: N/X intercooler setup
  • Intake: Cold air - Until the turbo goes in...
  • Transmission: Stage 3 Comptition Clutch + 9lb flywheel
  • Intercooler: Just waiting for the turbo to go in...
  • Exhaust: OBX Stainless
92   Honda Prelude Pictures

   miguel72139's 92 Honda Prelude
  • Motor: VTECH H22A
  • Transmission: TYPE R
  • Exhaust: HKS exhaust system
1997 Honda Prelude Pictures

   Jim7192's 1997 Honda Prelude
  • Body: Wings West Avenger Body Kit, 18" Konig Traffic Wheels / 17" RSL Gunmetal Elites
  • Motor: Darton Cast Iron Sleeves, Crower Rods, JE 89mm Forged Pistons @ 10:1 with JET HOT coating, Balanced ...
  • Turbo: T3T4 Precision T304E .60/.63 AR turbine with E Trim Wheel
  • Nitrous: Crower Stage II Turbo Cams
  • Cam: Crower Stage II Turbo Cams 282
  • Intake: Mandrel Bend 2.5" Charge Pipe
  • Transmission: Shorter geared 4th Gen Transmission from '96 Prelude VTEC, ACT Street Strip Clutch, XTreme Pressure ...
  • Intercooler: RevHard 24x8x3" Front Mount
  • Exhaust: Custom Full 3" Stainless with Mandrel bends, HKS Carbon TI Muffler