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Ryan Jones's 1996 Mitsubishi EVO
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1996 Mitsubishi EVO pictures and images by Ryan Jones | HorsepowerFreaks

Owner:Ryan Jones
Dyno:235 whp / 235 wtq
1/4 mile:14.612 @ 75.77 mph.
Engine:Stock block, stock headers, stock pistons, stock camshafts, stock head, stock vavletrain, stock vavlesprings, stock piston rods, stock Turbo PUSHING ONLY 7LB'S OF BOOST, cold air intake, stock throttle body, stock cam gears, stock timing belt
Transmission:Stock 5 Speed Manual transmition, Stage3 Racing Clutch
Turbo:Stock Turbo
Supercharger:HAS TURBO!!!
Nitrous:No Nitrous
Intercooler:Stock intercooler
Intake:Cold air, stock
Exhaust:Stock exhaust with Cat-delete
Electronics:Stock ECU
Tire:High performance street tires, 215/45 17"
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Down at the track for the first time

Stock engine

Just Chilling Some where takin some photos

Cat-Delete installed