Daniel Nuñez's 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse
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1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse pictures and images by Daniel Nuñez | HorsepowerFreaks

Owner:Daniel Nuñez
Dyno:850 whp / 645 wtq
1/4 mile:10.48 @ 148.43 mph.
Engine:Custom Spec. Fully Built 6 Bolt 2.3 Stroker Block, Ported Head. www.speedinjected.com
Camshaft:HKS 272/272.
Transmission:Quarter Master Twin Disk Clutch and Flywheel.
Turbo:PT72-GTS Turbo, Custom SPEED INJECTED Equal Length Stainless Steel Header With a HKS GT 60mm Wastegate. www.speedinjected.com
Nitrous:NOS System Jetted for a 70hp shot.
Intercooler:Custom 4" Skyline Core Intercooler.
Intake:Custom SPEED INJECTED Intake Manifold With 75mm Billet Willson Throttle Body. www.speedinjected.com
Exhaust:Custom 4" Full Exhaust With HKS Muffler.
Electronics:Has an AEM Engine Management Standalone System.
Tire:17X8 Evo Wheels With 225-45-ZR17. Wilwood 6 piston brake upgrade.
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Converted 92-94 Front Clip.

Engine Pic.

H.I.N @ Miami Beach 2007.

H.I.N @ Miami Beach 2007.

H.I.N @ Miami Beach 2007.

Rear end picture. Still has 90-91 rear bumper & lights.

Side angle shot.

8-Point Roll Cage Picture

AWHP Dyno Sheet.

Old front clip before it was changed to the 92-94.