Joey Radice's 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse
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1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse pictures and images by Joey Radice | HorsepowerFreaks

Owner:Joey Radice
1/4 mile:12.96 @ 105.49 mph.
Engine:3BOV dump tube mod 4Custom upper IC pipe by Pina Motorsports 5Custom lower IC pipe by Pina Motorsports 6HKS SS BOV vented to atmosphere 7Buschur boost controller set@19psi 8Custom oil catch can REI bottle 9Passenger headlight removal mod 10Cut out w/screen mesh for backside of IC in passenger wheel well 11Stock side-mount IC 12Custom built intake heat shield/black satin Ceramic-coated 131g TBstock 52mm butterfly valve, 1g 60mm 14T-clamps for all intake hose connections 15Outerwears pre-filter cover 16Ceramic-chromed valve cover, engine hoist point, both coolant elbows IGNITION: 1Magnacor 8.5mm Wires 2Stock plugs FUEL: 1255lph Walbro FP 2Custom Aeromotive FPR system by Pina Motorsports
Transmission:1BG Syncro Shift Transmission Oil 2Clutch restriction mod 3ACT 2600lbs w/RRE stainless steel clutch line replacement 4Red Line-Heavy Shockproof gear oil for rear diff transfer case 5David Symborski's tighter shifter mod 6BM short shifter
Turbo:16G Evo III Big 16g ported w/34mm wastgate, ceramic coated chrome for intake side and black satin for exhaust side
Intake:2Weapon-R filter kit
Exhaust:13" custom stock looking cat-back w/Magnaflow muffler by Pina Motorsports 2Ceramic-chromed heat sheilds 3RSR stainless steel downpipe w/cat elim2.5", then 3" after the flex section 4Ported exhaust manifold and O2 housing, both ceramic coated black satin
Tire:17x7" Eagle Series 193 dark grey w/ Falken 235/45/17
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