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danny kleve's 1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse
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1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse pictures and images by danny kleve | HorsepowerFreaks

Owner:danny kleve
Dyno:643 whp / 612 wtq
1/4 mile:
Engine:4G63 bored .040+ over- wiesco HD series .040+ pistons: Groden aluminum rods: OK im tired of people screing this up so listen up. Groden rods require MAJOR MODIYCATION TO THE 4G63 BLOCK. if you want to know what needs to be done you can email me at 100mm Eagle Performance stroker crank: ballance shaft elim: Jackson Auto Machine billet main caps: ARP main studs: ACL RACE main and press fit rods baerings: Toga high volume HP oil pump and front plate: CYCLINDAR HEAD- machine work done by Terry at BAKER ENTERPRISES stage 5 port-n polish: Fearra valves 4 angle 5 angle: Crower valve springs 0100: titanium retatiners and locks: 3G lifters: Crower 280/280 cams: cometic 3 layer head gasket. ARP head studs FFWD forward facing oil filter bracket Fluidamper crank damper. pollyurathane motor mounts 2 engine tourque dampers
Camshaft:Crower 280/280 cams: Crower 0100 springs
Transmission:was running a dogbox but cant stand the really lound trnny whine. Now dont get me wrong SHEPRACING made one hell of a tranny. but i dont drag my car everyday. and thats exacly what that trans is for. for raw brute power and it takes plenty of abuse. good luck trying to break it. it seems indestructible. good job the SHEPRACING. plus it was eating up transfer cases and axles. so now im running a TRE 1.5 trans with a 10 taller 5th gear
Turbo:well theres been a few of them. ill go in order. from a 14B to 13G at 25PSI- went small for IMEDIATE boost. with this turbo i pulled over 300 ponies 16G went through a couple of these. 18G i hate this turbo if you like cool but its not for me. Garrett GT 3582R- awsome turbo, makes good numbers on the dyno Ltes and Greatest_ FORCED PERFORMANCE HTA GT3582R- the best damn turbo i have ever used. i run at 38PSI and this turbo is a BEAST!!! its like the thing never stops pulling and hard too. this turbo makes posititive pressure as early as 2200RPM. this is a BIG BOY TURBO, and if your motor isnt FULLY BUILT- then this isnt a turbo for your car. This turbo is probably the best way to get as much potential out of your stoker motor folks. but dont take my word for it read about it, Precision 46mm V band external wastegate HKS SSQ BOV
Nitrous:not yet but want to look into a wet shot. But i am running Methanol Injection kit.
Intake:4IN to turbo 75mm Magnus sheetmetal intake manifold 75mm BBK throttle body
Exhaust:Punishment Racing T3 403 Stainless Steel Tig welded equal length turbo header. this damn thing was expensive too set me back 935 bucks so its not for the penny pincher. 3IN APEXI N1 full exhaust. NO CAT 3IN V band downpipe- custom 3IN summit racing electric exhaust dump/ cutout 5IN APEXI can
Electronics:DSM LINK V3 LITE- eprom: Greddy turbo timer: C.O.P setup from Sparktech 3IN GM MAF and translator.
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Just put it in runnin an HTA68 and fully built 4g63.