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Mark Custodio's 1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse
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1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse pictures and images by Mark Custodio | HorsepowerFreaks

Owner:Mark Custodio
Dyno:476 whp / 468 wtq
1/4 mile:11.5 @ 122.6 mph.
Engine:Forged Pistons, Eagle Rods, 2mm oversize valves, Port/Polish head, Crower springs/retainers
Camshaft:HKS, AEM cam gears 272
Transmission:ACT 2600 Clutch, Fidanza Flywheel, Custom Rebuild tranny with 2nd gear double cone synchro by English Racing
Turbo:T3T4 Turbonetics BB 60 trim Stage 5, cermacoat ex manifold housing, Tial wastegate, Tial BOV
Intercooler:Spearco, 28x10.5x3.5 3" IC piping
Intake:KN custom 3" ram air intake
Exhaust:3" Turbo back, Magnaflow muffler
Electronics:AEM EMS, FJO WB, MSD, Magnecor Wires
Tire:Falken GRB FK451 225ZR17 Rota Sub Zero
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