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1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   Brian22387's 1995 Eclipse
  • Motor: RC 550's, unbolted stuff.
  • Turbo: 16G Slowboy Evo III 16G, Ported. Hallman MBC, 1g bov
  • Intake: Parts bin
  • Intercooler: Radiator hose hard piping
  • Exhaust: Apex'i DP, custom pipe, Magnaflow can
2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   PartZombie's 2000 Eclipse
1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   Jonathan11797's 1992 Eclipse
  • 1/4 mile: 13.05@105 mph
  • Dyno: 250, 250 ft-lbs
  • Body: Hatchback, 2 Door, Sunroof
  • Motor: Rewired Fuel Pump, 460cc Injectors, Joe P Manual Boost Controller, non turbo fuel pressure regulator
  • Turbo: 14b, o2 Dump Tube Housing
  • Cam: ported head with web cams
  • Intake: KN Air Filter, Hacked MAS
  • Transmission: ACT 2100 Street Disk
  • Exhaust: Gutted Cat
2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   bordoe34304's 2006 Eclipse
  • Body: Current mods: Razzi body kit, Fujita intake, Magnaflow Cat-back exhaust, Progress rear sway bars, Ta...
1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   Adam56058's 1995 Eclipse
  • Body: Modified stock.
  • Motor: Stock motor with Venom Fuel Rail, BM Fuel Pressure Regulator, Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump, 650cc Injecto...
  • Turbo: BEP Stainless Steel T04B 47 Trim Turbo Upgrade, HKS BOV
  • Nitrous: None
  • Cam: Stock
  • Intake: Custom 3” Intake Pipe for GM MAF
  • Transmission: ACT HDG6 Heavy Duty Clutch with Sprung 6 Puck Disc, ACT Street Lite Flywheel
  • Intercooler: Slowboy Racing FMIC w/ Hard Pipe Kit
  • Exhaust: 3” Downpipe, Custom 3" exhaust 4" muffler
1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   Ester43834's 1995 Eclipse
  • Body: Full body kit with custom sideskirts, primer finish no paint, Tokico shocks, Megan Racing strut towe...
  • Motor: 420A
  • Intake: KN filter w/AEM piping
  • Exhaust: rusted out loud. :
1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   Justin56162's 1999 Eclipse
  • Motor: Stock bottom end w/HKS 264/272, Dual Valve Springs and ti- Retainers, APR Haed Studs, Cometic head g...
  • Turbo: DMP Manifold, GT35R w/Tial 44mm wastegate, all stainless line
  • Cam: HKS 264/272, Dual Valve Springs and ti- Retainers, APR Haed Studs, Cometic head gasket.
  • Intake: Custom 3" w/GM MAF, KN Filter
  • Transmission: Shep Stage 3 trans W/Chromoly Shift Forks , Double 1-4 Synchros Etc...
  • Intercooler: Precision 750hp+ Intercooler w/ 3" piping
  • Exhaust: Apex-i N1 3"turbo back
1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   Miguel121663's 1998 Eclipse
1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   Alex39719's 1998 Eclipse
  • 1/4 mile: 14.812@102.9 mph
  • Body: Bomex body kit
  • Turbo: Turbonetics T3/T4 60-1
  • Intercooler: Treadstone
  • Exhaust: Megan Racing
2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   Soulichanh12729's 2001 Eclipse
  • Dyno: 260
  • Body: bomex body kit
  • Motor: bm short shifter
  • Intake: injen cold air
  • Exhaust: hks dragger exhaust, headders,down pipe, catback,
1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   Brendon1546's 1997 Eclipse
  • 1/4 mile: 13.3@113 mph
  • Dyno: 401, 302 ft-lbs
  • Motor: E-85 powered
  • Turbo: Forced Performance Red
  • Cam: HKS 272
  • Intake: KN,Forced Performance, hks ssqv
  • Intercooler: Slowboy racing
  • Exhaust: Apexi n1 turboback
1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   Jimmy19284's 1998 Eclipse
  • Body: Custom paint
  • Motor: MSD Coil, MSD 8mm wires, NGK Iridium spark plugs, Optima Red-Top Battery,
  • Turbo: No turbo yetworking on the turbo manifold
  • Intake: Iceman Cold Air Intake, KN Filter
  • Transmission: Luk Pro-Gold performance clutch, Lightened Aluminum Flywheel, SS clutch line.
  • Exhaust: Test Pipe
95   Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   Rob1664's 95 Eclipse
  • Motor: evo 4g63
  • Turbo: ported 16g
  • Exhaust: 3 inch
1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   Michael67551's 1991 Eclipse
  • Body: Vis Z3 Fenders, Vis Oem Carbon Fiber Hood
  • Motor: Crower Valve Springs and Ti Retainers, Manley Valves, Ferrea Upgraded Vavle Seals,Prothane Poly Moto...
  • Cam: Crower 272 cams
  • Intake: Injen Air Intake
  • Exhaust: Hedman Header, Random Technology High Flow Cat, Dtm Muffler
2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   Jason210's 2001 Eclipse
  • Dyno: 311
  • Body: has a custom grill kit and after market halo headlights.Also has a carbon fiber front lip from carbo...
  • Motor: 215/50ZR17 on Konigs and 205/45ZR16 on custom painted stock wheels, Axis Atech 17s with custom purp...
  • Turbo: None
  • Nitrous: 2 10lb nx next generation nitrous bottles with pressure gauges
  • Cam: Stage 2 cam
  • Intake: Custom built from a honda kit and AEM filter and ported 73mm throttle body
  • Transmission: Built transmission thats cryoed and shot pinged
  • Intercooler: None
  • Exhaust: Custom 2.5 inch with no cats or resonators down to a 4.5 inch Apexi N1 exhaust