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2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   Robert46345's 2000 Eclipse
  • Motor: 4G64 Engine, Vorteck FMU  3:1, CSF Aluminium Race Radiator, FAL 525 - FAL Dual Electric Fans, DIF E...
  • Cam: RPW Stage 1 Cam Shaft
  • Intake: HKS 200mm Air Filter, Custom Air Box with cold air intake
  • Transmission: 5-speed, BM Short Shifter with Base Bushings, Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch,       
  • Intercooler: Water/Methanol Injection System, RIPP Mods Controller, DevilsOwn 250PSI Recirculation Pump, DevilsOw...
  • Exhaust: RPW 4-1 Racing Header, RPW High Flow Catalytic Converter, Custom 2.75" piping, Dynomax muffler
2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   Jeremiah47299's 2002 Eclipse
  • 1/4 mile: 15.427@91.29 mph
  • Dyno: 210, 215 ft-lbs
  • Body: Graphic Images
  • Motor: 3.0L V6 SOHC, Ram Air intake, Plugs and wires, synthetic oil w/ KN oil filter.
  • Turbo: n/a
  • Nitrous: n/a
  • Cam: stock
  • Intake: Ram Air intake
  • Transmission: ACT Stage? Kit
  • Intercooler: n/a
  • Exhaust: no muffler
1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   anthony41549's 1991 Eclipse
2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   Jairo87520's 2001 Eclipse
  • Cam: Gude Perforamnce
  • Intake: AEM V2
  • Transmission: EXEDE
  • Exhaust: HKS
2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   Trance's 2000 Eclipse
  • Dyno: 210, 205 ft-lbs
  • Body: Razzi body kit, Depo projector headlamps, Altezza taillights, Painted calipers, Custom painted engin...
  • Motor: Custom Motor Fabrication headers, NGK iridium laser welded plugs, NGK spark plug wires, Silicon vacu...
  • Intake: AEM Cold Air
  • Exhaust: Custom dual Magnaflow exhaust, Magnaflow high flow cat
1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   SPENSER63329's 1998 Eclipse
  • Dyno: 245, 250 ft-lbs
  • Body: stock with tint and angel eye HID headlights with black housing
  • Motor: 4g63 with 255 walbro fuel pump, stock injectors
  • Intercooler: stock
2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   Norman49481's 2000 Eclipse
  • Body: Full Body Kit 18" Ruff Racing Rims on front and 19" on Back Eibach Sportline Springs Rotora Front...
  • Motor: 225/40/18-Front 265/30/19-Rear
  • Intake: AEM Cold Air Intake AEM Bypass Valve
  • Transmission: SPEC Import Stage 3 Clutch Fidanza Flywheel Skunk2 Magnetic Tranny Drain Plug
  • Exhaust: Removed Cat Borla Catback Exhaust
1993 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   CrazyCCustoms666's 1993 Eclipse
  • Body: Extreme Dimensions Blitz Front , Drifter Side Skirts, n Drifter Rear... Megan Front n Rear Strut Tow...
  • Motor: Stock 4G63 Turbocharged
  • Turbo: Stock 14b, Built 4G63 manual Boost Controller
  • Nitrous: None
  • Cam: Stock
  • Intake: Stock
  • Transmission: Auto
  • Intercooler: Stock
  • Exhaust: Straight pipe no cat to 5'' Magnaflow Muffler
1994 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   Heath17009's 1994 Eclipse
  • Dyno: 115
  • Intake: Polished Injen Short Ram Intake
  • Exhaust: Monza Pace Setter Cat Back Exhaust
1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   Craig11988's 1997 Eclipse
  • 1/4 mile: 13.501@101.22 mph
  • Body: 1997 GSX
  • Motor: Walbro 255 pump, Aeromotive FPR, RC 550cc injectors
  • Turbo: 16G Evo III
  • Intake: Dejon
  • Transmission: ACT 2600 clutch, ACT flywheel
  • Intercooler: PTE 31"x8"x3.5", Greddy type s bov
  • Exhaust: Megan Racing downpipe, 3" Magnaflow cat, HKS Hi-power
1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   Jen41868's 1995 Eclipse
  • Motor: The engine is a 420A and it was 2.0 stock, its bored to a 2.2
  • Intake: bomz racing cold air intake
1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   Justin56162's 1999 Eclipse
  • Motor: Stock bottom end w/HKS 264/272, Dual Valve Springs and ti- Retainers, APR Haed Studs, Cometic head g...
  • Turbo: DMP Manifold, GT35R w/Tial 44mm wastegate, all stainless line
  • Cam: HKS 264/272, Dual Valve Springs and ti- Retainers, APR Haed Studs, Cometic head gasket.
  • Intake: Custom 3" w/GM MAF, KN Filter
  • Transmission: Shep Stage 3 trans W/Chromoly Shift Forks , Double 1-4 Synchros Etc...
  • Intercooler: Precision 750hp+ Intercooler w/ 3" piping
  • Exhaust: Apex-i N1 3"turbo back
1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   Stu51441's 1995 Eclipse
  • Body: Bomex front and rear body kit, Blitz side skirts, F-1 spoiler, 97 Projector headlights with H.I.D., ...
  • Motor: 2.0L Turbo
  • Turbo: Factory turbo
  • Intake: HKS cold air intake
  • Transmission: Short Throw shift with Razo shift head.
  • Intercooler: Stock
  • Exhaust: Apexi N-1
1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   Dustin22775's 1995 Eclipse
  • Dyno: 390, 400 ft-lbs
  • Body: It has a Drift front bumper and a Blitz rear bumper. It also has a Carbon Creations InVader style C...
  • Motor: Just the basic 2G 4G63 motor with HRC 625cc injectors and a HRC High Flow fuel pump. Also Greddy Pr...
  • Turbo: 20G HRC TD06H-TD05H Super 20G. 2G install kit with all oil feed and return lines.
  • Cam: HKS Cams 272 Intake and Exhaust
  • Intake: Injen
  • Intercooler: Its an Extreme Turbos 24"x11"x3.5" Intercooler. Full upper and lower intercooler piping kit
  • Exhaust: Full Apexi exhaust and downpipe.
2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   bpballr04's 2000 Eclipse