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1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   john19454's 1998 Eclipse
  • Dyno: 225, 228 ft-lbs
  • Body: Clear cornersnot pictured
  • Turbo: Stock T25 with Hallman MBC, Greddy Type S BOV/Dejon Tool UICP/TB Elbow.
  • Intake: KN FIPK with custom aluminum air-box.
  • Transmission: Good ol' typical DSM Tranny...
  • Exhaust: Thermal RD 3" Cat-back, Extreme Motorsports 3" downpipe and 3" testpipe
2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   Shane19415's 2003 Eclipse
  • Dyno: 315, 275 ft-lbs
  • Body: Razzi Body Kit
  • Motor: Injen Cold Air Intake, AEM Underdrive Crank, NGK IX Spark Plugs, OBX Wires, MSD Ignition System, Uno...
  • Nitrous: NOS 75 Shot
  • Intake: Injen
1989 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   HiPSI's 1989 Eclipse
  • Dyno: 300
  • Body: Stock shape just Bondo and painting done by myself with cans believe it or not
  • Motor: 2.0L fully ported lowered deck height higher compie same short stroke, removed all pertruding excess...
  • Turbo: stock, with scavenged wastegate and fully adjustable boost control from the dash 0-30 psi running 10...
  • Nitrous: N/A
  • Cam: OEM
  • Intake: cool air
  • Transmission: stock box with beefy LUK pressure plate and friction plate, strengthened bell housing bolting points...
  • Intercooler: Stock, seems to get soaked very quickly
  • Exhaust: 3"