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96   Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   khine61410's 96 Eclipse
1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   John20244's 1999 Eclipse
  • Dyno: 350
  • Turbo: Evo III 16G
  • Transmission: Lightweight flywheel, Slowboy clutch
  • Intercooler: Upgraded SMIC, Greddy intercooler piping, Greddy BOV
  • Exhaust: 3" Downpipe, 3" RNR exhaust
1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   asgalant's 1999 Eclipse
  • Body: Lambo door kit, 17" wheels, Megan Racing coilovers lowered 1 1/2", Megan Racing strut bars front and...
  • Motor: 2.0 Non Turbo. MSD coil pack. NGK plug wires. Bosch Platnum 4 spark plugs, Airaid throtle body space...
  • Intake: AEM cold air with bypass valve.
  • Transmission: Stock 5-speed with Megan Racing short shifter.
  • Exhaust: Megan Racing full exaust headers to back Option Racing test pipe going to be replaced with Megan Rac...
2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   Jason210's 2001 Eclipse
  • Dyno: 311
  • Body: has a custom grill kit and after market halo headlights.Also has a carbon fiber front lip from carbo...
  • Motor: 215/50ZR17 on Konigs and 205/45ZR16 on custom painted stock wheels, Axis Atech 17s with custom purp...
  • Turbo: None
  • Nitrous: 2 10lb nx next generation nitrous bottles with pressure gauges
  • Cam: Stage 2 cam
  • Intake: Custom built from a honda kit and AEM filter and ported 73mm throttle body
  • Transmission: Built transmission thats cryoed and shot pinged
  • Intercooler: None
  • Exhaust: Custom 2.5 inch with no cats or resonators down to a 4.5 inch Apexi N1 exhaust
1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   shibby1036's 1991 Eclipse
  • Dyno: 643, 612 ft-lbs
  • Body: stock
  • Motor: 4G63 bored .040+ over- wiesco HD series .040+ pistons: Groden aluminum rods: OK im tired of people s...
  • Turbo: well theres been a few of them. ill go in order. from a 14B to 13G at 25PSI- went small for IMEDIAT...
  • Nitrous: not yet but want to look into a wet shot. But i am running Methanol Injection kit.
  • Cam: Crower 280/280 cams: Crower 0100 springs
  • Intake: 4IN to turbo 75mm Magnus sheetmetal intake manifold 75mm BBK throttle body
  • Transmission: was running a dogbox but cant stand the really lound trnny whine. Now dont get me wrong SHEPRACING m...
  • Intercooler: EXTREME PSI FMIC
  • Exhaust: Punishment Racing T3 403 Stainless Steel Tig welded equal length turbo header. this damn thing was e...
1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   Rolland14198's 1991 Eclipse
  • Dyno: 450
  • Body: We stripped this vehical down to the metal, and repainted it , using vinyl to accent the sides.
  • Motor: We took a stock motor and add all new internals with balance shaft removal kit, 7 layer metal head g...
  • Turbo: T3T4 We used the 500 Horsepower set up with a polished T-3/T-4.
  • Nitrous: We have a 75 shot of Nitrous Express with a 20 lb. bottle.
  • Cam: For the Cams we used the Comp cam 264/272 street strip setup.
  • Intake: Buschar racing upper intercooler pipe, with super sequential BOV. We used the AEM fuel rail with pre...
  • Intercooler: We used a smaller but efficient front mount intercooler.
  • Exhaust: 3" Turbo-back, no cat,
1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   98dsmGS's 1998 Eclipse
  • Dyno: 140
  • Body: Smoked Bumper Signals Red Painted Calipers
  • Motor: Street Radials
  • Turbo: N/A
  • Nitrous: None
  • Cam: Stock
  • Intake: Stock
  • Transmission: 5 Speed Manual
  • Intercooler: N/A
  • Exhaust: 2.5" Cat Back Exhaust
2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   steven98840's 2002 Eclipse
  • 1/4 mile: 16.83@81.39 mph
  • Intake: custom with AEM 3" cone filter
  • Exhaust: OBX exhaust
1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   anthony31646's 1995 Eclipse
  • Exhaust: Apexi
1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   Jamie8573's 1995 Eclipse
  • 1/4 mile: 13.418@106.73 mph
  • Body: 97' Mitsubishi Body style 95 model
  • Motor: 4G64 motor swap, HKS 272/272, Eagle rods, Wiesco pistons, dual vlave springs, 3 angle valve job, bac...
  • Turbo: T60 Turbonetics T3/T4 60 trim, deltagate 35mm external wastegate
  • Nitrous: HKS 272/272
  • Cam: HKS 272/272
  • Intake: KN filter, with 3" Dejon tool turbo inlet pipe
  • Transmission: 5 speed FWD, LSD, .666 5th gear AWD 5th gearset
  • Intercooler: Dejon tool Racing FMIC kit/ DERALE cooling fan
  • Exhaust: Apexi Apex-i Dunk cat-back, no name brand 3" downpipe, heatwraped.
2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   John40105's 2006 Eclipse
  • Nitrous: 75 HP stot, NOS Kit
  • Intake: Fajuta Air Intake
  • Exhaust: Borla
95   Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   Sean28980's 95 Eclipse
  • Dyno: 210, 215 ft-lbs
1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   David74825's 1995 Eclipse
  • Body: Carbon fiber hatch
  • Motor: 4g63t. Magnus 1000 hp billet fuel rail RC 750cc injectors 255 lph walbro fuel pump aeromotive 1:1 fu...
  • Turbo: TDO5H evo 3 super 16g
1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   Craig6111's 1990 Eclipse
  • 1/4 mile: 12.5@111 mph
  • Body: Lexus IS 300 Blue, roof and all trim body color, Body line on rear bumper shaved, sealed beam conver...
  • Motor: Rebuilt with stock parts, head fully ported and polished, 660 injectors
  • Turbo: 16G Big 16g on 6cm ported housing with 34mm gate running 20 psi everyday
  • Nitrous: Stock
  • Cam: Stock
  • Intake: Home Depot Racing thermal tape wrapped, true cold air behind bumper
  • Transmission: Rebuilt 92 tranny by English Racing w/ double syncro 2nd gear and BG2 fluid
  • Intercooler: 24 x 10 custom core with Blow through piping using maft translator
  • Exhaust: 2 1/2 DP, and 3" catback
1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse Pictures

   Tim4751's 1991 Eclipse