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Alexander Lowencreutz's 1999 Nissan Skyline
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1999 Nissan Skyline pictures and images by Alexander Lowencreutz | HorsepowerFreaks

Owner:Alexander Lowencreutz
Dyno:473 whp / 395 wtq
1/4 mile:
Engine:NISSAN RB26DETT - 2.6l I6 DOHC 24V NISSAN Race Ported Head NISSAN N1 Oil Pump NISSAN N1 Water Pump TOMEI Gasket Combination 1.2mm 87.0mm GREDDY Timing Belt GREDDY Engine Pulley Kit GREDDY Racing Radiator 435.0mm x 670.0mm x 48.0mm GREDDY Radiator Piping Kit GREDDY Radiator Cap GREDDY Oil Cooler Kit NS1010G 299.0mm x 142.0mm x 50.0mm GREDDY Oil Filter GREDDY Oil Filler Cap SARD 800cc Injector x 6 SARD 280L Fuel Pump SARD Fuel Pump Harness Kit SARD Fuel Filter SARD Fuel Delivery Pipe SARD Adjustable Fuel Regulator Type-R SARD Adjustable Fuel Regulator Adapter NISMO Engine Mount x 2 NISMO Low Temperature Thermostat
Camshaft:TOMEI Intake Camshaft 260° Lift 10.25mm TOMEI Exhaust Camshaft 252° Lift 9.15mm TOMEI Adjustable Intake Cam Pulley TOMEI Adjustable Exhaust Cam Pulley TOMEI Valve Lifters TOMEI Valve Springs 10.85mm TOMEI Valve Guides
Transmission:GETRAG 6-speed Manual Transmission NISSAN Attesa ET-S 4-wheel Drive NISSAN Super Hicas 4-wheel Steering NISMO Super Coppermix Twin Plate Clutch NISMO Fully Lightened Balanced Flywheel NISMO Transmission Mount
Turbo:GREDDY Blow-Off Valve Type-RS x 2 GARRETT GT2871R-707160-10 x 2
Intercooler:GREDDY Racing Intercooler R-SPL HG Type 23 302.0mm x 600.0mm x 515.0mm GREDDY Full Intercooler Piping Kit
Intake:GREDDY Intake Plenum GREDDY Intake Plenum Piping Kit
Exhaust:GT-TUNE Stainless Steel Low Mount Manifold x 2 GREDDY Extension Pipe Kit GREDDY Power Extreme Ti-R Titanium Catback Exhaust
Electronics:NISMO Combination Meter White APEXI Power FC D-Jetro + Hand Commander APEXI Power FC Boost Control Kit APEXI Turbo Timer
Tire:GREDDY Type-S Full Adjustable Suspension Kit BBS LeMans GP 18"x10" ET 20 CUSTOM wheel center caps "GTR" FALKEN FK-452 275/25ZR18
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