George Suennen's 1990 Porsche 928
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1990 Porsche 928 pictures and images by George Suennen | HorsepowerFreaks

Owner:George Suennen
Dyno:531.6 whp / 504.6 wtq
1/4 mile:
Engine:5L V8 32 valve double overhead cam
Camshaft:Stock S4
Transmission:4 speed automatic
Supercharger:Vortech V1 T-Trim
Intercooler:Murf928 Stage 2 intercooler
Intake:Custom 4" Cool Air Intake
Exhaust:X-pipe, Random Tech Cats, RMB
Electronics:Sharktuner2 LH and EZK PEMs, Innovate LM-1/LMA-3
Tire:Michelin PS2 235/18ZR40 and 275/18ZR40
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Open Road Racer- Super Sport Division- Unlimited Tech- 4 Time Winner 160 mph class

5L Porsche V8 - Vortech V1 T-Trim

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