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Horus Mortem's 1987 Porsche 944
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1987 Porsche 944 pictures and images by Horus Mortem | HorsepowerFreaks

Owner:Horus Mortem
1/4 mile:
Engine:ru for realif i gotta say pirellis im gonna slAp u like a bitch.
Transmission:automatuic of course imnot racing the indy. im lookin cool ridin around save it for thrack lil wanna bees!
Supercharger:get real. more bands rods to break if the belt goes. cheap overengineered boost method no ffing way garret turbo dual or nada! im talkin 1300 hp not add a hundredorso hp....
Nitrous:that 50/50 weight distribution found only on968 and 944/951 porsche why would u wanbtto trashitwith nitrice except in the turbo section itself??????silly children!save it for the track boys!!! like the men do. ill show my track car soon. she is freightening!
Exhaust:burn his rubber as im smokin mine.. exhaust. monza what else?
Electronics:all kinds.everything gps garmin 7200 full pc for engin stats.electronic controlled throtle for constant no2 flow. totaaly illegal f u if u trhink i shuild care. so when asswipe inhis moded out subaru pulls up before he blinks im gone n black streaks behind me. if i really wanna say fuck u ill hit my flsame throwerkit set to burn his rubber while im smokin mine n ifur onmy tail. u better hop ur gastank isnot in the front end....exhaust temp egt zeitronix monitor and skin everygauge there isin dig led and analog needle so u can seeinablink every constant condition of ur engines operating from its combustion. pyrometer fuel temp eng temp piston temp u name it.
Tire:ru for realif i gotta say pirellis im gonna slAp u like a bitch.
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