Nate Barrows's 1992 Subaru SVX
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1992 Subaru SVX pictures and images by Nate Barrows | HorsepowerFreaks

Owner:Nate Barrows
Dyno:350 whp / 300 wtq
1/4 mile:12.6 @ 109 mph.
Engine:Boxer 6 DOHC 10:1 non interference motor, that was better than the Porsche 3.2L. Still used in $45k motors for small aircraft and 1000hp sand cars.
Transmission:Custom STi RA 5 speed with 4.44 diffs. Subaru only offered a heavy Nissan Pathfinder Auto. that hurt sales, but is now used for drag racing by and
Turbo:Could have used one since the 3.3L was based on the 2.2L that had a turbo option.
Supercharger:Heavy enough.
Intake:Hand built Fender Air Intake.
Exhaust:Custom 911 muffler under manifolds.
Electronics:Valentine1, Blinder Xtreme, iPhone dynolicious.
Tire:Factory 225/50VR16s, but now has 235/40ZR18 XL PS2s on KMC Chrome 18s.
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