charlie pisani's 1979 Toyota Celica
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1979 Toyota Celica pictures and images by charlie pisani | HorsepowerFreaks

Owner:charlie pisani
Dyno:500 whp / 560 wtq
1/4 mile:10.6 @ 128 mph.
Engine:7mgte supra,hks 2mm headgasket, arp head studs, spitfire high tensions, standard coil, denso spark plugs,
Transmission:with an rps clutch and fidanza flywheel
Turbo:garett ts04 with turbon netics external race gate
Intake:made in malta. with a 70mm throttle body and a cutomised planuim. 2 bosch external fuel pumps, 12 standrd injectors with one standard and one cutomised fuel rails and an aeromotive pro-series fule regulator
Exhaust:made in malta
Electronics:dta version 20
Tire:rear 26/10/15 Slicks
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