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1984 Toyota Cressida Pictures

   Nicholas30835's 1984 Toyota Cressida
  • Dyno: 185
1990 Toyota Cressida Pictures

   Truls96193's 1990 Toyota Cressida
  • Dyno: 280, 378 ft-lbs
  • Body: Toyota jzx81 Markll 1990
  • Transmission: R154
1991 Toyota Cressida Pictures

   Shazaan37402's 1991 Toyota Cressida
  • 1/4 mile: 14.1@94.3 mph
  • Dyno: 280, 276 ft-lbs
  • Motor: 1JZ-GTE
  • Turbo: Stock
  • Nitrous: NEVER
  • Cam: Stock
  • Intake: None
  • Transmission: A304E Automatic
  • Intercooler: Stock Supra
  • Exhaust: 3 Inch
1986 Toyota Cressida Pictures

   Robert60860's 1986 Toyota Cressida
  • Body: Stock. Check the pics for the kit I am going with. Big Win str8 outta jp. The kit is really for t...
  • Motor: I picked up a crank from a 7m and had it cleaned and polished. Unfortunately after I got it in my b...
  • Turbo: Normal aspiration for now. I aspire to force the hell out of some air soon with a turbo. I plan on...
  • Nitrous: Nitrous is for ricers. I drift.
  • Cam: Stock for now. Dont know if I can find anyone who sells upgraded cams for this motor anymore. Part...
  • Intake: Home made intake with short cone filter. I picked up a mass airflow sensor from a supra to allow th...
  • Transmission: W58 5-speed manual swap. The car was originally auto. Things got a little shorter in the center co...
  • Intercooler: Not yet. But when it does get here it will be BIG
  • Exhaust: Factory manifold. Gonna upgrade to a 7M turbo manifold soon. When the money gets right again I wan...