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Robert Stovall's 1986 Toyota Cressida
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1986 Toyota Cressida pictures and images by Robert Stovall | HorsepowerFreaks

Owner:Robert Stovall
1/4 mile:
Engine:I picked up a crank from a 7m and had it cleaned and polished. Unfortunately after I got it in my block and saw the whole rotating assembly had to be changed I scrapped that idea. The pistons come too high out of the block. More than just the crank has to be changed to make that one work. Chrome-molly piston rings. Standard sized rod and crank bearings. Stock pistons, wrist-pins, and rods. The head and block have both been decked, massaged and cleaned. Valve job on the head springs, retainers, seats, and seals all new just to keep things up to snuff. Polished cam shafts. A.R.P. head studs. Everything has been touched at least once to either upgrade, or brings up to specs. The rebuild has come to completion 10/31/08. The motor turned over for the first time in three years.
Camshaft:Stock for now. Dont know if I can find anyone who sells upgraded cams for this motor anymore. Parts are extremely hard to source for this thing. Even when you know the right places to look its still hard.
Transmission:W58 5-speed manual swap. The car was originally auto. Things got a little shorter in the center console area. The transmissions are different lengths. The manual is shorter so the stick comes up closer to the dash in the car. Some minor mods have to be made to address some small issues with the cosmetics.
Turbo:Normal aspiration for now. I aspire to force the hell out of some air soon with a turbo. I plan on pushing 18-25 lbs on the regular. Maybe it will blow, maybe not.
Supercharger:There was talk at one point of putting a 5.7L Tundra motor and supercharging it. It would fit in the Cressida engine bay. This thing has a long front end. There would have to be alot of changes though. I would go with a carb and get rid of the e.c.u. Its a thought. Got money??
Nitrous:Nitrous is for ricers. I drift.
Intercooler:Not yet. But when it does get here it will be BIG
Intake:Home made intake with short cone filter. I picked up a mass airflow sensor from a supra to allow the conversion. Original Cressida piping does not allow for anything other than a stock application. I will be happy with a 10 h.p. gain if that.
Exhaust:Factory manifold. Gonna upgrade to a 7M turbo manifold soon. When the money gets right again I want to custom make a twin turbo manifold. Why you ask.? Why not? Who has a twin turbo Cressida with a 5m??
Electronics:All stock. Changing soon when the money gets right. Greddy Profec EO-1 on the plans. EVC TT and boost controller also. Plus some other stuff I will neglect to mention.
Tire:Old school Mk II supra rims. 235/60/14 in the back. 215/60/14 in the front.
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Blood, sweat, and almost a tear

Just before getting dropped in. Talk about happy. This is more than 30 hours of labor.

Spare tire side. This is me though

Its still in good shape to be 22. This is before the motor got dropped

Just before the tranny got bolted up.

As soon as money allows this cast iron piece goes away for something sexier

Spotless isnt it

Just wait until the completion. More coming soon.

do i know you

pretty clean

it dropped alot in the front when i dropped the motor. I had lowered it a little from stock

with a motor


My rotating assembly prepped and ready to be installed


There she blows

Damn that looks cool. Something like a magazine shot.

I built this shit by hand my damn self

Everything is color coordinated, by the way.

I put a lot of time and effort into making this conveyance to my specs. Too much in fact