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Justin Conde's 2000 Toyota Echo
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2000 Toyota Echo pictures and images by Justin Conde | HorsepowerFreaks

Owner:Justin Conde
Dyno:190 whp / 160 wtq
1/4 mile:
Engine:Stock 1.8Liter 2ZZ-GE with AEM headers, AEM pulley kit, XS power pack II ignition amplifier system, Hawker Odessy 13lb battery, Custom Grounding Kit, Custom 2.5" Exhaust from the header back, TRD Motor and Tranny mounts, KOYO Radiator, MR. Gasket 10 Blade Fan, and ALL MOTUL Products ...
Transmission:AE101 6speed with Spec Stage II Clutch, KAAZ LSD 1.5way set 100 lock and Tom's 7.8LB Flywheel
Intake:AEM/Custom Cold Air Intake
Exhaust:custom 2.5" exhaust with Celica GTS 2zz-ge CAT and resonator all the way to the back
Electronics:Apeci Power FC , Apexi Tach, AEM Wide Band, Omori 45mm water temp gauge and oil temp.
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