Michael Smith's 1986 Toyota MR2
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1986 Toyota MR2 pictures and images by Michael Smith | HorsepowerFreaks

Owner:Michael Smith
1/4 mile:
Engine:4A-GE 1.6L 9.5/1 JE pistons with heat barrier coating Total seal rings Pauter rods ARP hardware Cometic head gasket Ti retainers ported head Fererra 1MM oversize valves 5 quart oil pan OE Toyota bearings seals gaskets Denso Ir plugs Magnacore custom wires
Camshaft:Crower stage III 286 duration 9.1MM lift
Transmission:5 speed OE Toyota trans OS Geikin twin disc 204MM clutch coming - Centerforce dual friction 250 ft/lb rated clutch slips at full boost.
Turbo:T4 T trim turbonetics utterfly type waste gate with Toyota actuator diaphram 10 PSI boost
Intercooler:Custom Bell air to liquid intercooler
Intake:Ported OE Toyota dual runner TVIS
Exhaust:Custom header over transaxle mounted turbo separate waste gate 1.5" dump tube 3.5" downpipe Hooker muffler 2000 degree Jet-Hot coating
Electronics:Electromotive TecGT Zeitronics AFR/EGT/boost Aeromotive pump controller Walbro pump 2 bar MAP 750CC/Min RC injectors OE tach modified to work with TecGT tach driver
Tire:Falken DOT approved race tires
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heat shielding not yet installed in this picture

intercoller and electronics in rear trunk