Peter Davelaar's 1991 Toyota MR2
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1991 Toyota MR2 pictures and images by Peter Davelaar | HorsepowerFreaks

Owner:Peter Davelaar
1/4 mile:
Engine:Build 2.0 , JE pistons, Eagle Rods , Toga main + rod bearings , HV oil pump , Lightweight Crank , TTE headgasket , ARP main bolts , ARP head studs
Camshaft:HKS 264 highlift intake cam HKS 264 highlift exhaust cam OBX adjustable Cam gears
Transmission:Kaaz 1.5 way lsd.
Turbo:Turbonetics T3/T4 60-1 .63 , Ceramic Ball Bearing Turbonetics Evolution wastegate Custom Hux-style exhaust manifold 3 inch custom downpipe
Intercooler:Spearco 2-230 A2W Dual core
Intake:apexi intake
Exhaust:Blitz Nur Spec R
Electronics:Zeitronix ZT wideband + EGT + boost monitor + display Apexi Power FC + FC Datalogit Apexi FC Boost control kit Blitz FATT turbo Timer MSD DIS-4 + R6 coils
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