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1996 Toyota MR2 Pictures

   24_fuorigiri's 1996 Toyota MR2
92   Toyota MR2 Pictures

   Sergey46587's 92 Toyota MR2
  • Dyno: 704, 495 ft-lbs
  • Body: 93 lip Custom SAINS side vents JDM clear corners
  • Motor: 2.2 Stroker built by Chris K. -5SFE block and crank -3SGTE head Eagle rods ARP rod bolts CP .02...
  • Turbo: Greddy T78 turbo kit T88-34D 18cm Pro-polished compressor housing Greddy Type R External Wastegat...
  • Cam: HKS 272 intake and exhaust cams
  • Transmission: Built tranny Kaaz 1.5 way LSD Phoenix Power 4.5 final drive Tilton Twin Disc clutch with hydrauli...
  • Intercooler: Custom Autolab Garrett 24x12x4.5 TMIC Twin 12" spal fans below the intercooler Tial 50mm Bov
  • Exhaust: SIMS 4" turbo back BurnsStainless Ultralite 4" Muffler
1991 Toyota MR2 Pictures

   Christopher6002's 1991 Toyota MR2
  • Dyno: 200
  • Intake: Apexi
  • Transmission: Royal Purple Trans. Fluid
  • Intercooler: Greddy I/C with piping and Manj shroud
  • Exhaust: TKO 2.5" Exhaust
91   Toyota MR2 Pictures

   teamiouf's 91 Toyota MR2
  • Body: Pheonix Power body kit, full coil over suspension, JDM Gen III wing, JDM Gen III brake conversion.
  • Motor: JDM Gen III motor no mass air, advanced MAP sensor only, and highly improoved fuel rail and intake m...
  • Turbo: Garret 60 trim .63 A/R tial 38/40 hybrid wastegate
  • Nitrous: no
  • Cam: Stock JDM Gen III bigger than Gen I and II cams, USDM and JDM
  • Intake: custom 3"
  • Transmission: JDM Gen III transmission, SPEC clutch and fly wheel with ARP flywheel bolts
  • Intercooler: GReddy with spal fan
  • Exhaust: KO Racing
1991 Toyota MR2 Pictures

   Jaime3107's 1991 Toyota MR2
  • Intake: Apexi
  • Exhaust: 3" Magnaflow Muffler all Mandrel piping, Exhaust Depot Downpipe
1991 Toyota MR2 Pictures

   Jared97129's 1991 Toyota MR2