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1994 Toyota Supra Pictures

   Darren6847's 1994 Toyota Supra
  • 1/4 mile: 12.1@132 mph
  • Dyno: 800
  • Motor: Je Pistons, Crower con rods, Head work, 900 cc inj. Ferrera 1mm o/s Valves, Crower Ti retainers.
  • Turbo: GT42 DBB
  • Cam: HKS cams, Titan Cam gears 272
  • Intake: Modified standard Plenuim chamber
  • Intercooler: Sperco bar and plate cooler with ceramic coater stainless piping.
  • Exhaust: BIG local made exhaust
1989 Toyota Supra Pictures

   Rampersad30950's 1989 Toyota Supra
  • Intake: HKS
  • Transmission: RPS MAX SPRUNG 6 PUCK
Toyota Supra Pictures

   Emily86397's Toyota Supra
1989 Toyota Supra Pictures

   SpartanMayo's 1989 Toyota Supra
1987 Toyota Supra Pictures

   turbo87mk3's 1987 Toyota Supra
  • Dyno: 250, 245 ft-lbs
  • Body: Mk3 stock
  • Motor: 7mgte
  • Turbo: Ct26 50-1
  • Nitrous: none
  • Cam: stock
  • Intake: hks
  • Transmission: R154
  • Intercooler: stock
  • Exhaust: custom 3in, with custom dp
89   Toyota Supra Pictures

   Michael24049's 89 Toyota Supra
  • Dyno: 350
  • Body: 17" REV wheels, clear corners, IS300 blue :
  • Motor: EGR Blockoff plates, Titan 1.4mm Metal Head gasket, ARP Head Bolts
  • Turbo: Ct-26 wth T04E 60 trim compressor upgrade
  • Cam: 86.5 NA Exhaust Cam, CamKN Breather Kit
  • Intake: D/C Intake, Lexus AFM
  • Intercooler: Horsepower freaks intercooler setup wth greddy RS BOV, Flexalite Electric Fan Kit
  • Exhaust: Custom made 3in Downpipe/elbow, HPF 3in Test Pipe, Apexi N1 Tip
1992 Toyota Supra Pictures

   alexander75868's 1992 Toyota Supra
  • Dyno: 320
  • Body: groupe A racer
1994 Toyota Supra Pictures

   Eric78048's 1994 Toyota Supra
  • Body: Bright White w/ Blue Pearl, Complete Do-Luck kit, TRD style CF hood, Ganador Mirrors, RMM CF centere...
  • Motor: Totally built, Complete Ferrea Valve train, Custom grind Crane cams, JUN intake, ect.. ect..
  • Turbo: GT47 88mm .96 a/r
  • Nitrous: Nitrous Express NX DP 200 shot, NX Maximizer
  • Cam: Custom Crane cams, 11.5mm intake, 10.5mm exhaust
  • Intake: JUN manifold, Custom 6 inch intake w/ Blitz SS filter
  • Transmission: HKS Triple Plate w/ custom slave cylinder rod
  • Intercooler: Greddy 4 row, with custom piping
  • Exhaust: Custom 5 inch with 5inch Borla exhaust
1994 Toyota Supra Pictures

   Peter95310's 1994 Toyota Supra
  • 1/4 mile: 11.27@138 mph
  • Dyno: 808, 678 ft-lbs
  • Body: Cwest front, bomex sides and rear tails, rmm wing, Modellista TS Hood, Audi Nogaro Blue Paint
  • Motor: Machine World Built Head with 1mm Oversized Ferra Valves and Ferra Valve Train
  • Turbo: Precision GT47-88 Sitting on a VWR Header
  • Nitrous: Nitrous Express 125shot For Flashing the Convertor
  • Cam: HKS 280's
  • Intake: VWR Plenum
  • Transmission: VWR TH400 with SFI Ultrabell and Neal Chance Convertor. 4" Driveshaft with Harndened Input Spline.
  • Intercooler: 4" Piping From Turbo to Throttle Body, 4 1/2" Core
  • Exhaust: 5" Turbo Back with Burns Muffler
1992 Toyota Supra Pictures

   jenaro54089's 1992 Toyota Supra
  • Dyno: 232, 232 ft-lbs
  • Body: new paint factory color 17" inch TT supra rims for sale
  • Motor: 2.5 inch intake
  • Turbo: turbo with
  • Nitrous: no
  • Cam: stock
  • Intake: custom
  • Intercooler: hks
  • Exhaust: 3" custom downpipe and 3 inch exhaust with a dynomax turbo muffler. and a 4" tip
1989 Toyota Supra Pictures

   Supra_87_mk3's 1989 Toyota Supra
  • Body: Mk3 w/ targa, kyb G-2 shocks, tanabe springs, tanabe front strut bar
  • Motor: 83.5 mm bore, ARP main studs, ARP rod bolts, OE rings, Cometic .060" headgasket, ARP head Studs, Fer...
  • Turbo: 1.15 A/R T4 twin Scroll turbin - journal bearing - .60 A/R compressor, Hallman Pro MBC, Turbo XS Blo...
  • Cam: I wish....have you seen how expensive they are!?
  • Intake: MAF translator with 3 inch GM MAF, 3 inch KN filter, 3 inch intake pipe
  • Transmission: Stock rebuild at 130,xxx
  • Intercooler: 32x12x3 core, 3 inch piping, 4 ply couplers with clampco t-bolt clamps
  • Exhaust: CX Racing Exhaust manifold T4 twin scroll,2JZ 3 inch V-band downpipe Fabed up to fit, Mandrell bent ...
89   Toyota Supra Pictures

   armando45046's 89 Toyota Supra
  • 1/4 mile: 11.09@126 mph
  • Dyno: 435, 410 ft-lbs
  • Body: all stock, just put the hid conversion kit for the head lights and fog lights
  • Motor: up graded to stroker kit, took the turbo motor out and went na,jdm motor has been ported and polishe...
  • Nitrous: zex dry system, purge kit, remote bottle opener, gauge where cigarite lighter used to be. 125 shot
  • Cam: hks cams 276 intake 268 exaust 1.2mm lift duration all good for that high rev and top end horse powe...
  • Intake: lexes v8 mass air flow meter, 3/25 inch custom made cold air piping, ported and polished throttle bo...
  • Transmission: jdm 5 speed tranny converted to 6 speed with custom short shifter by leathal performance in san ant...
  • Exhaust: pace setter header with 3 inch piping, high flow resonater, carbaon muffler by 5zigen
1997 Toyota Supra Pictures

   Josh5862's 1997 Toyota Supra
  • Dyno: 360, 355 ft-lbs
  • Exhaust: HKS
1984 Toyota Supra Pictures

   Marlon.Ramraj's 1984 Toyota Supra
  • Body: 85 completed
  • Motor: 2.8l inline 6 port and polished 6 angle vavle job,proline lifters,shaved,custom radiator by mishimot...
  • Turbo: non
  • Nitrous: only for wimps when you can't get the job done! in future work
  • Cam: stock
  • Intake: custom made part by spectra with weapon R filter
  • Transmission: 5 speed-stage 2 clutch -inwork
  • Intercooler: non
  • Exhaust: obx headers
1995 Toyota Supra Pictures

   one-t45's 1995 Toyota Supra