Darren Maxwell's 1994 Toyota Supra
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1994 Toyota Supra pictures and images by Darren Maxwell | HorsepowerFreaks

Owner:Darren Maxwell
1/4 mile:12.1 @ 132 mph.
Engine:Je Pistons, Crower con rods, Head work, 900 cc inj. Ferrera 1mm o/s Valves, Crower Ti retainers.
Camshaft:HKS cams, Titan Cam gears 272
Turbo:GT42 DBB
Intercooler:Sperco bar and plate cooler with ceramic coater stainless piping.
Intake:Modified standard Plenuim chamber
Exhaust:BIG local made exhaust
Electronics:Apexi POwer FC comp. Apexi AVC-r boost cont. Autometer C2 gauges.
Tire:20 inch Chrome Vault Wheels Nitto 275/30 20 rears.
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